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erp implementation

ERP Implementation

An ERP system implementation is a challenging project. Many organisations embark on a project without fully understanding the complexity and fail to achieve the expected benefits within the planned timeline and budget. ERP requires complex planning and a significant investment in resources and most organisations do not have people with the required skills and expertise readily available to assign to a project.

How do we support ERP implementation?

We can bolster your ERP system implementation by advising on the most appropriate organisational and governance structure for a project and providing expert resources to fill critical roles. 

  • erp project management
    ERP Project Management
    ERP project management is a highly complex role, involving a combination of detailed day-to-day management of the internal ERP project team, co-ordination with the ERP vendor consulting team and periodic reporting on project progress to the project steering group. The role will also often encompass a significant element of change management and is one of the key appointments in any ERP project.

    Lumenia provides specialised project management services utilising deep ERP project experience and a proven methodology to expertly manage implementation projects.
  • change management in erp projects
    Change Management in ERP Projects
    Many ERP projects result in significant changes to business processes, work practises, roles and even organisational structures. Lumenia’s ERP change management process addresses the challenges using a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organisational units from the current state to a desired future state post the ERP implementation. It ensures the new solution is readily accepted by all users and the intended business benefits are realised for the organisation.
  • erp testing management
    ERP Testing Management
    ERP testing management includes development of the ERP project test strategy, followed by co-ordination and direction of the project test activity. ERP testing will generally involve a number of cycles, starting with unit testing and progressing through functional, integration, user acceptance and sometimes, performance testing. Most of the test cycles should be based on test scripts or scenarios, which have been developed by the ERP project team.

    Lumenia’s proven methodology supplements in-house resources and skills and ensures testing is completed to the requisite level.
  • erp data migration management
    ERP Data Migration Management
    During ERP data migration, data is extracted from legacy systems, cleansed and transformed into a format suitable for the new ERP system and loaded for use during testing or immediately prior to go-live. ERP data migration management ensures that the migration strategy and process is clearly defined and that the data required for each test cycle and for go-live, is available when required.

    Lumenia’s proven data migration management process ensures that one of the biggest risk factors in an ERP project is managed effectively.
  • erp project recovery
    ERP Project Recovery
    Many ERP implementation projects get into difficulty. Some of the issues will usually lie with the ERP vendor and some with the company that is implementing the ERP system. Often, each side will blame the other and relations break down, leaving a project in limbo. ERP project recovery involves assessing the project objectively, identifying the root cause of the issues and agreeing and managing a plan for completion.

    Lumenia provides expert, independent services to rescue ERP implementation projects that are in difficulty or which have broken down.
  • erp project audit
    ERP Project Audit
    ERP projects can run into problems during implementation, resulting in delays and pressure on budget. For senior management teams, it is often difficult to understand the root cause of these issues.

    Lumenia’s ERP project audit is designed to provide a rapid, independent and expert view on the project and to identify what needs to be done to resolve the problems.
  • erp training
    ERP Training
    The ERP training process starts with the development of a training strategy and progresses to a training needs analysis. This feeds into the creation of a training curriculum and a detailed training plan which in turn provides structure to guide the development of end-user documentation and training delivery material. Delivery of training to end-users is then one of the last tasks in an ERP implementation.

    Lumenia’s process delivers a curriculum and high-quality ERP training material that will significantly improve user adoption.
  • system validation management
    ERP System Validation Management
    ERP system validation is the process of ensuring that an ERP system is fully functional and in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements. ERP validation management includes the development of a master validation plan, provision of direction and expert review of the various validation lifecycle documents. A risk-based approach ensures that ERP system validation is achieved as efficiently as possible.

    Lumenia provides specialist expertise and a proven methodology for managing regulatory validation on ERP projects.

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