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Data conversion and migration can be a significant challenge in any large system implementation and this is particularly true in ERP implementations.

ERP Data Migration Challenges

Specific data migration challenges in an ERP implementation are posed by:

  • The interconnection of financial data and data from other functional modules.
  • Business expectations of improved data quality and the implication that existing data is often poorly maintained.
  • Differing expectations of what data will be migrated between vendor and client stakeholders.
  • A lack of business commitment - particularly the view that data is only a technical concern.
  • The frequent necessity to modify certain data (revised numbering systems; different analysis groupings and so on) as part of the migration process to the new system environment.
  • The lack of available resource for data conversion and migration due to deployment of significant resources to other system implementation activities.

Lumenia’s methodology can be scaled to suit the differing requirements posed by implementations of differing complexity - from single site ERP replacement to multi-site multi-system replacement.

Lumenia played a leading role in helping Aptuit to roll out the People Soft ERP system to its newly acquired sites in Oxford and Glasgow. Lumenia supported Aptuit throughout the roll out by providing project management, data migration and computer systems validation services. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lumenia. Your approach was pragmatic, focused and creative. And, your contribution was vital to the success of the roll out project in Aptuit.

Darren Bradshaw Director, Business Systems, Aptuit
How We add value

The benefits of Lumenia ERP Data Migration Management

Benefits include:

  • Clearly defined data migration strategy
  • Reduced workload on internal resources
  • Proven methodology and experience
  • Access to excellent project management skills
  • Significantly reduced project risk

Lumenia Deliverables

Lumenia will be responsible for a number of deliverables when providing ERP data migration management:

  • Data identification, analysis and definition.
  • Migration strategy development detailing the approach to be taken to data conversion, data retention and archiving.
  • Technical design covering data extraction, cleansing, transformation, harmonisation and load.
  • Validated transactional and non-transactional data.
  • Data cutover/go-live plan and procedures.
  • Advice on post go-live good practise data management business process

Lumenia have a large body of experience in ERP data migration management covering most common legacy data platforms and all of the leading ERP solutions on the market. 

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