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Our ERP and digital consulting services support our customers through every step of their transformation journey...
... from early-stage planning, budgeting and business case development, through business process design and the selection of technology providers and implementation partners, to management of the project and the organisational change it brings.

  • erp planning
    A decision to change ERP is one that is not taken lightly. ERP projects can be transformational but they are expensive, resource intensive and have a reputation for being risky. As a result, most decision-makers will not approve ERP projects without a clearly articulated systems strategy, a robust business case and a management team that is fully behind the project.

    Lumenia provides a range of independent ERP consulting services to help organisations navigate these considerations and ensure all of the components are in place to seek Board approval with confidence.

    Our ERP strategy service assesses high-level options in terms of scope and approach, aligns with business objectives and opportunities for improvement and builds a robust ERP business case backed by independent recommendations.

    Our ERP readiness audit and readiness workshops help identify gaps in organisational readiness for the coming change and develop that readiness, both in senior leadership and project teams.
  • erp selection
    Choosing a new ERP system can be a daunting task for many organisations. How do you ensure that you identify the most appropriate system from the vast range available on the market and how do you navigate the channel partner and systems integrator market? How do you compare different cloud and on-premise deployment options?

    Lumenia provides a range of ERP selection consulting services to guide organisations through these difficult decisions.
    Our structured selection methodologies help organisations to define scope, build cross-functional buy-in, foster ownership, document requirements, evaluate solutions and vendors and arrive at well-defined commercial agreements with a clear scope of work.

    For organisations that have made a start on their selection process but would like some independent advice we can perform due diligence of your selection project to identify risks and help address them before contracts are signed.

    A well-executed ERP Selection project is an important pre-cursor to a successful ERP implementation.
  • business process transformation
    One of the primary objectives of many ERP projects is to transform existing business processes. This may involve delivering process improvement in a single business process on a single site, harmonising a business process across multiple sites or consolidating a process that exists in many sites into one central location.

    In all of these situations there is a requirement for business process design and change management. We believe that there are significant advantages to starting this work in advance of an ERP implementation project and have developed tools to help accelerate the development of new processes and initiate change management.

    These include templates to support capture of opportunities for improvement, and an extensive library of sample business process flow charts supported by over 450 examples of how ERP can enable process improvement.
  • erp implementation
    Implementing ERP requires a significant investment in resources and most organisations do not have people with the required skills and expertise readily available to assign to a project. Lumenia can advise on the most appropriate organisational and governance structure for your project. We provide expert resources to fill critical roles including:

    • ERP project management
    • ERP testing
    • ERP data migration management
    • ERP training

    For those operating in a regulated environment, we have specialist ERP system validation services.

    The inevitable business change that results from an ERP implementation needs to be carefully navigated. We employ a practical and structured approach to change management in ERP projects.

    ERP implementation projects are complex and are usually undertaken by an organisation only once in 10-15 years. Given this lack of experience, projects can falter and run into difficulties. Our expert, independent ERP project recovery services help steer failing projects back towards success.
  • digital transformation
    Many organisations struggle when it comes to digital transformation. Lumenia can help you define what “digital” means for your business and support you through your transformation journey, from envisioning to realisation.

    Perhaps you recently upgraded your ERP system and need to modernise the rest of your technology portfolio. Are you struggling to keep pace with digital trends in an evolving industry? Or maybe you see opportunities for improved customer experience and competitive advantage, but lack the IT capabilities to seize them. Knowing where to start or how to proceed can be overwhelming.

    Our digital transformation services range from facilitating the formation of your digital strategy and development of business cases to selection of enabling technologies and implementation and management of change.

    Whether you are at the beginning of your transformation journey or need help taking the next step, Lumenia can help you find your way.

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