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The success of our ERP project has been in no small part due to Lumenia’s professionalism, world class project management, organisational and communications skills. It has been a great pleasure working alongside Lumenia’s project manager and I personally have learnt a great deal over these 14 months and will miss his calmness and the vast experience he brought to the project.

Gavin Lambkin, IT Director

Lumenia's independent guidance was key to Sandvik selecting the right System Integrator for what is a large and complex global ERP implementation project. I would recommend Lumenia to any business that needs to bring structure, objectivity and deep expertise to their ERP selection process.  

Paul Fox, Finance Director

Lumenia provided very strong analytical and communication skills and knowledge of the ERP marketplace, as they guided us through the selection process. I think their contribution was irreplaceable, and now that the selection process is over, we have engaged them to manage our ERP implementation project.

Anjum Ahmad, Chief Accounting Officer

We know that the savings in implementation costs and ongoing licence fees, which we have negotiated under Lumenia's stewardship, have covered their cost several times over.

Neil Gribben, Vice President, Accounting & Control

Based on their track record and detailed knowledge of our industry sector, Febelco engaged Lumenia to lead our ERP selection process. Having completed our selection project on time and under budget. Lumenia are one of the best consultancy businesses I have worked with, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies that need expert guidance as part of their ERP transformation process.

Alexander Severyns, IT Director

Lumenia's ERP selection methodology was structured, objective and ensured that key stakeholders from each division in the business were involved in the process. Their guidance and proven experience were vital in helping us select our global ERP solution and in gaining business buy-in and I would have no hesitation recommending them to other businesses.

Ida Murphy, Global Head of IT

Lumenia helped us in scoping and planning for the replacement of our finance system with a new ERP. Their market knowledge, structured approach and experienced consultants helped us successfully navigate this important transition and I would have no hesitation recommending Lumenia.

Robert Quinn, Finance Manager

The Lumenia team were very quickly able to understand the complex software application landscape in St. James’s Place, and developed easy to follow options in terms of future strategy. Their recommendations were clear, well presented and supported by a strong business case.

Iain Balchin, Executive Director of Finance

We chose Lumenia as our support partner for choosing an ERP system and now that the selection process is over I can reflect on what a truly fantastic choice that was and how exceptional the Lumenia consultant who worked with us has been through the process.

Robin Hilton, Finance Director

Praesidiad has worked very successfully with Lumenia on a series of projects over the last 18 months. Ahead of the ERP implementation in our first business unit Lumenia led a “to be” business process design project, helping us to define new business processes based on good practices and setting us up for the design stage of the implementation. 

Patrick Seeber, CIO

The Lumenia consultants were of exceptional quality and they were able to mobilise our internal team very effectively and deliver the project on time. They have very good communication skills and a can-do attitude.

Donal Tierney, CEO

Lumenia worked with Peel Ports to define and map our ‘to-be’ business processes, to inform the specification, selection and implementation of our new ERP system. They combined their knowledge of industry-standard and good-practice processes with the needs and peculiarities of our own business, and challenged our current ways of working where necessary.

Richard Farrar, Group Head of IT
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