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Our goal in every ERP and digital engagement is to ensure that our client has a successful project outcome.

This is not a throwaway statement – as we are independent ERP consultants and don’t sell software, our business depends on us consistently achieving this goal.

For some organisations the objective of their project may simply be to replace legacy systems as cost effectively as possible with the minimum of disruption to the business. For these clients we offer deep enterprise systems, business process and sectoral knowledge, structured methodologies, project predictability and the comfort of working with a partner that has been through this journey hundreds of times before.

Others may see systems such as ERP as enablers for digital transformation. For these clients, in addition to the above, we bring business process capability benchmarking, extensive project and change management experience, pre-defined business process templates and a host of other tools to support the transformation programme. We have particular expertise in managing ERP change programmes in complex multi-site or multi-national organisations, where the implementation challenges are amplified by time zone, language and cultural differences.

Our consulting services are designed to support our clients through each stage of ERP and digital transformation journeys, from early stage planning to final implementation. 

Lumenia's Approach to Projects

The final and most important factor in our approach is our culture and our people. Our culture is based on honesty, mutual respect and a dedication to professional excellence and outstanding customer service. Our consultants each have a minimum of ten years of relevant experience and exceptional delivery capabilities. These skills have been deployed in hundreds of engagements around the world.

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