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About us

Lumenia Consulting is an independent ERP and Digital consulting organisation, specialising in business transformation through the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning, Digital and related enterprise software applications.

Our approach

We listen carefully to each client to ensure that we understand their requirements and we clearly articulate how we will add value to each engagement, without resorting to jargon. We are flexible, honest and always deliver on our promises. Finally, all of our services are designed to encourage client collaboration.

ERP Strategy & Planning

We make independent recommendations on strategy for ERP and related business applications, ensuring that the proposed ERP project aligns with business objectives, has clearly defined goals and timelines and provides a solid business case that can be presented with confidence to Board-level stakeholders.

ERP Selection

We use the experience from hundreds of previous projects to provide structured, proven processes to allow client teams to select the best value ERP solution, and to ensure that ERP contracts are commercial advantageous and structured in a way that minimises the risk of cost or time overruns.

Business Process Transformation

We accelerate business process transformation in ERP projects by capturing opportunities for improvement and facilitating client teams to envision future ways of working. We support this activity with an extensive library of sample good practice business process flow charts and examples of how technology can enable process change.

ERP Implementation

We provide experienced project and change management resources to ensure that each ERP project is delivered on time and budget, and that the changes to business processes which will result, are fully adopted by managers and users.

Digital Transformation 

We develop and execute digital transformation strategies. Our digital transformation services range from strategic roadmap and business case development to technology selection and implementation support for digital initiatives.


Our independence

Lumenia does not sell software and our independence means that we have no vested interest in pushing our clients towards particular software solutions. We focus instead on how enterprise applications can best be used to transform business processes and deliver measurable business benefit to our clients, whether this is through the deployment of new software or by getting more value from systems that are already in use.

Our value proposition

We have developed unique methodologies that allow our clients to undertake ERP and business change programmes using structured processes that maximise the likelihood of project success by promoting business ownership, minimising risk and controlling cost, while ensuring that planned business benefits are realised.

Our people

We employ an outstanding team of digital and independent ERP consultants and support staff, supplemented with a network of trusted associates. The team has a wide variety of educational backgrounds covering diverse areas such as engineering, IT, finance, marketing and psychology. Prior to joining Lumenia, most of the team worked in industry as business process or functional managers and bring that practical experience and knowledge to bear on client projects.

All Lumenia consultants have a minimum of 10 years of professional experience and in many cases, significantly more than this. We have led hundreds of ERP and digital transformation projects involving all of the leading technology providers, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Epicor, Workday, Infor, IFS and many more.

There is a very high degree of collaboration amongst the consulting team, meaning that our clients benefit not only from the experience of the consultants who are engaged on their projects, but also the knowledge of the broader team. Collectively, this amounts to a vast amount of ERP and digital transformation project learning and experience.


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Our management team
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Our history

Lumenia was part of the BSM Group and traded as BSM from 1997-2013. BSM’s business systems consulting practice was rebranded as Lumenia in 2013 and Lumenia became a standalone legal entity in 2015 following the acquisition of BSM’s Lean consulting practice by Efeso Consulting. The name Lumenia, derived from the Latin word lumen meaning light, was chosen to convey the sense of consulting services that bring clarity to business change projects that might otherwise be shrouded in risk, uncertainty and complexity.

Our clients

Our clients are typically mid-size service, manufacturing, distribution or retail organisations, often with operations in multiple sites or countries. Operating from offices in Ireland and the UK, we have completed hundreds of consulting assignments for organisations across the world.

Lumenia's independent guidance was key to Sandvik selecting the right System Integrator for what is a large and complex global ERP implementation project. I would recommend Lumenia to any business that needs to bring structure, objectivity and deep expertise to their ERP selection process.  

Paul Fox, Finance Director

Based on their track record and detailed knowledge of our industry sector, Febelco engaged Lumenia to lead our ERP selection process. Having completed our selection project on time and under budget. Lumenia are one of the best consultancy businesses I have worked with, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to other companies that need expert guidance as part of their ERP transformation process.

Alexander Severyns, IT Director

Lumenia provided very strong analytical and communication skills and knowledge of the ERP marketplace, as they guided us through the selection process. I think their contribution was irreplaceable, and now that the selection process is over, we have engaged them to manage our ERP implementation project.

Anjum Ahmad, Chief Accounting Officer

Using Lumenia to support our ERP selection project was definitely value for money. There is no way we would have been able to complete the project so quickly if we had tried to manage it ourselves. Lumenia brought standard templates, organisation and the drive to get the job done.

Sam Starr, Finance Director

The Lumenia Consultant led our selection team diligently through a structured, smooth ERP selection process whilst quickly establishing himself amongst the team and demonstrating a firm understanding of the business.

Gillian Troup, Group Financial Controller

Lumenia’s ERP selection process is rigorous, structured and fair and provided the objectivity and detail to give our senior management team confidence.

Bronwen White, Head of IT Development

The Lumenia consultants were of exceptional quality and they were able to mobilise our internal team very effectively and deliver the project on time. They have very good communication skills and a can-do attitude.

Donal Tierney, CEO

Lumenia's ERP selection methodology was structured, objective and ensured that key stakeholders from each division in the business were involved in the process. Their guidance and proven experience were vital in helping us select our global ERP solution and in gaining business buy-in and I would have no hesitation recommending them to other businesses.

Ida Murphy, Global Head of IT

Lumenia’s work on our system selection project was exceptionally thorough and detailed. The selection process involved people from across the business and provided us with a structure to work within.

Richard Steele, Finance Director

We chose Lumenia as our support partner for choosing an ERP system and now that the selection process is over I can reflect on what a truly fantastic choice that was and how exceptional the Lumenia consultant who worked with us has been through the process.

Robin Hilton, Finance Director
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