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ERP Planning

We specialise in the development of business systems strategy and the selection and implementation of enterprise applications.

A decision to change ERP is one that is not taken lightly. ERP projects are expensive, resource intensive and have a reputation for being risky. As a result, most decision-makers will not approve ERP projects without a clearly articulated systems strategy, a robust business case and a management team that is fully behind the project. Lumenia ensures that all of these components are in place so that our clients can seek Board approval with confidence.

  • ERP Planning

    ERP Strategy

    Delivers a business systems strategy that addresses objectives, costs, benefits and a roadmap to delivery – crucially underpinned by senior management buy-in.

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  • ERP Planning

    ERP Readiness Audit

    A one-day audit to rapidly assess your organisation’s readiness to deliver a successful ERP project.

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  • ERP Planning

    ERP Readiness Workshops

    One-day workshop to help senior management teams in organisations planning to start ERP projects gain insight into the costs, key risks and success factors.

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