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digital transformation

Digital Transformation

Lumenia's digital transformation consulting services assist our clients to develop their digital transformation strategy and deliver a roadmap of initiatives that build IT capability and drive business value.

We put the alignment of technology and business strategy at the centre of our services and ensure that organisational change and process improvement are considered at every step of your digital transformation journey.

Our Digital Transformation Services

Lumenia defines digital transformation as business process transformation enabled by technology. Our digital transformation services include digital strategy development, business case development, technology selection and implementation support.

  • digital transformation strategy
    Digital Transformation Strategy
    Lumenia's digital transformation strategy service lays the foundations for your digital transformation. We bring structure and expertise to the formulation of your strategy, working closely with business and IT stakeholders to develop a roadmap of initiatives that support your business strategy and needs.
  • digital transformation readiness
    Digital Transformation Readiness
    Lumenia helps organisations to envision and prepare for their digital transformation journey through delivery of our Digital Transformation Readiness service. We facilitate senior managers to describe and agree what digital-enablement means for their business, educate them in the process of embarking on a digital transformation programme, and guide them through a structured assessment of their readiness to do so.
  • business case development
    Digital Transformation Business Case Development
    Most digital initiatives will require a robust business case. They may be focused on protecting market position, availing of opportunities for growth or efficiency, or on improving customer, partner or employee engagement.
    Lumenia supports the development of models to estimate internal and external costs, quantifiable and strategic benefits and to build a business case to secure board approval for your digital initiatives.
  • technology selection
    Technology Selection
    We independently guide organisations through the technology selection stage to select the appropriate software and supporting technologies needed to deliver their digital transformation strategy. Leveraging our methodologies, tools and vast experience of enterprise software selection projects, we support our clients from scoping and planning through requirements definition, vendor shortlisting and evaluation to commercial and contract agreement.
  • digital implementation
    Digital Implementation Services
    Many organisations may lack the required resources to support the implementation of digital initiatives. Some requirements may be temporary, others may be more foundational and strategic. Lumenia can advise on the appropriate mix and, where required, provide consulting support or contract resources for your digital initiatives. These may include project or change managers, architects, analysts, developers, testing or training specialists or other technical resources.
  • change management
    Change Management
    Lumenia’s change management service facilitates the identification and implementation of people and process changes required for the successful adoption of new technologies. We provide a structured approach to assessing change impacts and preparing your people for the transition, enabling you to maximise the expected benefits of your digital transformation.

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