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business process transformation

Business Process Transformation

Business process transformation is one of the primary objectives of many ERP projects. Our business process consultants will bring structure, knowledge and practical experience of how ERP can enable process change and will significantly accelerate your future state process design.

What is Business Process Transformation?

Business process transformation in the context of an ERP project means changing existing business processes to take advantage of opportunities for improvement in customer service, efficiency, data quality and reporting presented by the new ERP system. Depending on the project, this may involve streamlining one or more business processes on a single site, harmonising business processes across multiple sites or consolidating business processes that exist in many sites into one central location.

There are a number of business transformation steps that are common to all ERP projects, including:

  • Identification of opportunities for improvement in the existing processes
  • Development of future state business process flows that eliminate the pain points associated with current processes
  • Identification of key ERP functionality that will be required to enable the future state processes
  • Development of a change impact analysis to clarify the amount of organisational change that will be involved.

We have developed business process transformation services to support each of these steps.

  • business process improvement services
    Business Process Improvement
    Identification of opportunities for improvement is one of the starting points for business process transformation. We have developed templates and on-line tools that allow process improvement opportunities to be identified quickly and with minimal stakeholder effort. The tools also facilitate business process benchmarking.
  • business process design
    Business Process Design
    Business process design is traditionally time-consuming and labour-intensive. We can accelerate this activity significantly by employing our tools and templates to avoid the effort of documenting current processes and using our library of sample business process diagrams as a starting point for design.

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