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The traditional means of doing To-Be business process design is to document each As-Is process before performing a gap analysis to identify improvement opportunities.

What is Business Process Design?

Business process design is the development and documentation of the steps involved in executing a business process. ERP business processes are those that are enabled by ERP. The traditional model of business process consulting is to document current practice before developing future state processes. We believe in most cases that this is unnecessary, as we can identify current process gaps more efficiently by carrying out pain point analysis and business process benchmarking. We have further accelerated process design by building an extensive library of sample business process diagrams which provide a ready-made starting point for process mapping.

How Can Lumenia Help?

We will lead all process design activity, facilitating internal teams to efficiently develop future state processes. We have worked with hundreds of clients across a broad range of sectors and will bring this experience to bear on each new engagement.


Lumenia worked with Peel Ports to define and map our ‘to-be’ business processes, to inform the specification, selection and implementation of our new ERP system. They combined their knowledge of industry-standard and good-practice processes with the needs and peculiarities of our own business, and challenged our current ways of working where necessary.

Richard Farrar, Group Head of IT, Peel Ports

ERP Business Process Design and Development


Business process design work is led by an experienced Lumenia consultant in a workshop environment involving the process owner(s) and subject matter expert(s). The outputs are captured in Visio format during and following each workshop. Often a single follow-up review session is all that is required to finalise each business process design. The future state business process documents can be used as the basis of process improvement initiatives, as part of an ERP selection process to assess vendor and product capability or during ERP implementation to accelerate the design stage of the project. Get in touch with us to speak to a senior consultant to learn more about how we can help.

The business process review with Lumenia has really given WD-40 the opportunity to think in different ways.

Jonathan McCoy, General Manager - IT, WD-40

Benefits of our Approach to Business Process Design

There are a number of clear benefits in working with Lumenia business process consultants as part of your continuous improvement or ERP implementation project.

Faster Design Completion

The proprietary templates and tools that we bring to each project will significantly reduce the amount of time and effort involved in developing future state process designs. For example. In most cases we don’t need to spend time documenting current processes that are going to change anyway.

No Need to Re-Invent the Wheel

Rather than starting from scratch, we bring an extensive library of pre-defined business processes documented to Level 4, all based on good practice as generally implemented in most ERP solutions. This means we can quickly agree standard flows and focus on the areas where you are different or where you have specific challenges.

Learn From Our Experience

In many cases, we will be able to use our knowledge of your industry to provide practical examples of how your current business process issues could be resolved. Equally, there are often important process insights that can transfer very well from one sector to another.

Cross-Functional Buy-In

Cross-functional involvement and agreement is a fundamental tenet of successful of business process design. Our senior process consultants will provide excellent team facilitation skills, ensuring that workshops are run effectively and that all attendees contribute to the agreed business process design.

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