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Lumenia brings structure and expertise to the formulation of digital transformation strategies. Our consulting services help you to develop a roadmap of digital and IT initiatives that support your business strategy and needs. 

Why Digital Transformation Strategy?

Lumenia's digital transformation strategy service lays the foundations for your digital transformation. We deliver a roadmap of strategic initiatives to build IT capability and modernise your technology landscape. Each initiative on the roadmap acts as a stepping stone towards realisation of your organisation's business objectives.

Our digital transformation strategy service brings a structured approach to:

  • envisaging a digitally-enabled future for your business;
  • assessing your current levels of IT maturity;
  • identifying opportunities for process and technology improvement;
  • defining initiatives to address those opportunities and develop your digital and IT capabilities;
  • logically sequencing the proposed initiatives on a digital transformation roadmap; and
  • preparing you to execute the highest-priority initiatives.

Lumenia engages closely with your senior business and IT stakeholders throughout the strategy development process to gather their input, align expectations, validate our thinking and secure buy-in for the resulting strategy.

The results of this process are a clear, actionable IT strategy for digital transformation and agreement among senior stakeholders on how to proceed with its execution.

Digital Transformation Roadmap

The digital transformation roadmap is the primary output of Lumenia's digital transformation strategy consulting service. It is a strategic plan for your digital transformation journey, setting out a series of recommended initiatives to address capability gaps and digital opportunities identified through our analysis of your current organisation and future vision.

Your digital transformation roadmap is designed to align with your business planning horizon. Initiatives on the roadmap are grouped into strategic themes and depicted graphically, highlighting their interdependencies and relative durations over that period. Some initiatives may be short and easy to execute; others may be large, complex systems implementation projects.

Your unique digital transformation roadmap typically encompasses more than just "digital" initiatives. Organisational change and business process design are often required to enable digital transformation, so a combination of people, process and technology initiatives are often included.

Initiative Briefs

Your digital transformation roadmap is accompanied by a series of initiative briefs describing the objectives and implications of each initiative. They are one of the most valuable deliverables of our digital transformation strategy framework.

These briefs tie each initiative back to one or more strategic business objectives identified by your senior leadership team and provide the foundations for subsequent business case development and transformation planning.

Each initiative brief summarises the purpose of the activity, highlights the expected benefits, and documents dependencies with other initiatives. Indicative timeframes and cost ranges may also be provided for planning and budgeting purposes.

Together with the digital transformation roadmap, the initiative briefs provide you with a clearly-defined set of activities to kick-start your digital transformation.

Tailored to You

Lumenia combines a wealth of project experience and digital expertise with your own organisational knowledge and perspectives to develop a digital transformation strategy that is truly tailored to your business needs and priorities. 

We strive to balance your vision for digital enablement and automation with the need to establish foundational IT elements and address related aspects of organisational change and business process design. This helps us ensure that your strategy for digital transformation is both realistic and achievable.

Whether you are at the very beginning of a journey to modernise your IT environment, or already have an established "digital core", Lumenia brings pragmatism, independence and focus to the table.

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