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We provide independent advice and a structured process to help organisations to clarify business systems scope and define their enterprise systems and ERP strategy together with a roadmap to execute that strategy.

Lumenia's ERP Strategy service provides:

  • An independent recommendation on the future strategy for enterprise applications in your organisation.
  • Jargon-free, easy-to-follow graphical representations of current and proposed future applications architecture, with intermediate stages as appropriate.
  • A detailed statement of quantified business benefits associated with the proposed system change, with all benefits signed off by the relevant business owners.
  • A financial appraisal model showing IRR, NPV and Payback calculations for the proposed applications strategy.
  • A presentation delivered to your senior stakeholders summarising the options considered, costs, benefits, pros and cons, with our recommendation and associated rationale for the proposed ERP strategy.

A Roadmap for Implementing your ERP Strategy

ERP Strategy provides a roadmap of transformation activities which may cover selection of one or more solutions and partners, process re-design, building organisational readiness, and one or more implementation phases. Each stage on the roadmap will include cost and duration estimates contributing to the overall business case.

We needed to develop an ERP Strategy in our operations in Ireland and the US. Lumenia delivered a comprehensive and very clear roadmap in a timely and professional manner. They work very effectively, combining deep ERP and process knowledge with an ability to engage with people at all levels of the organisation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lumenia.

John D'Arcy, CFO, Bewleys
Our solution

Budget Development

The ERP strategy roadmap provides the basis for developing a comprehensive budget, which is, in turn, a key input to the business case. Using our extensive project experience Lumenia builds project estimates to support budget development. These estimates will include consideration of internal resource requirements as well as external software and services estimates. We will lead any soft market engagement required to gather external commercial costs, which we benchmark against our extensive ERP project library to build a final budget for the strategy.


We provide an informed, independent view on the strategic options for your enterprise systems landscape, the likely costs and benefits of each option, and a recommendation with supporting rationale for an enterprise systems strategy for your organisation.

  • We help you save time and effort: Lumenia has the templates, tools and expertise to define your enterprise systems strategy quickly and efficiently.
  • We reduce risk: Starting a business systems change initiative without a clear strategy greatly increases the risk of an ineffective selection process and a poor implementation.
  • We ensure your business case presentation is professional and based on quantified benefits and costs that you are confident to stand over.

Our ERP Strategy service answers client questions such as:

  • Do we need a new ERP system, or could we just add bolt-on solutions to our existing ERP system?
  • We have more than one ERP system following an acquisition: do we continue with multiple systems or move to one?
  • Our system is approaching end of life, should we upgrade or migrate to a new ERP system?
  • How do we reduce the level of risk and the cost of ownership of our business applications?
  • Should we pursue a policy of a single ERP system for all parts of the business or use ERP in tandem with more focused Best-of-Breed solutions? Is this approach appropriate for all parts of the business?
  • What will our enterprise systems landscape look like in three years’ time, and what are the steps along the way?
  • How much should we invest in systems over the next three to five years?
  • Should we host our business applications on-premises or in the cloud?
  • What are the relative strengths and weaknesses of the systems on the market?
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