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Inadequate ERP project management is one of the most common causes of ERP project failure. Poor project governance often stems from an organisation’s lack of experience in managing and overseeing ERP implementation projects.

Lumenia can assume overall responsibility for delivery of your ERP project, providing resources to advise the Steering Team as well as managing the project implementation.

Our solution

ERP Project Manager

Lumenia’s ERP Project Managers take full responsibility for a project and generally work on a full-time basis during the implementation.

Our Project Managers utilise Lumenia’s ERP project management methodology and their own ERP implementation experience to manage risk and deliver successful projects. Our methodology has  been developed and refined over many implementation projects and is a proven, repeatable process that can be adapted to each client's business model.

The success of most ERP projects is gauged by traditional on-time, on-budget metrics. Lumenia's yardstick for success is far more stringent than this. We believe that a project is not fully successful unless the benefits that were defined in the business case are also realised.

Steering Team Advisor

The Lumenia Steering Team Advisor provides support to the Project Sponsor and guidance and project implementation expertise to the Steering Team.

During the lifetime of the project, the Steering Team will have many decisions to make relating to potential changes in project scope and/or process designs, resources both internal and external, timelines and budget. The Steering Team Advisor provides expert, independent guidance and also acts as a foil to the software vendor Project Director, ensuring that all decisions are made in our clients’ best interests.

The Steering Team Advisor also performs a project Quality Assurance role, meeting with the Project Manager on a regular basis to understand current issues and review progress against the plan.

Lumenia Steering Team Advisors have a minimum of 25 years of ERP implementation experience

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