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Inadequate ERP project management is one of the most common causes of ERP project failure. Poor project governance often stems from an organisation’s lack of experience in managing and overseeing ERP implementation projects.

Lumenia can assume overall responsibility for the delivery of your ERP project, providing resources to manage the implementation and to advise the Steering Team.

Our solution

ERP Project Manager

Lumenia’s ERP Project Managers take full responsibility for the delivery of a project and generally work on a full-time basis during the implementation.

Each Lumenia ERP Project Manager utilises our project management methodology and their own ERP implementation experience to manage risk and deliver successful projects. Our methodology has been developed and refined over many implementation projects and is a proven, repeatable process that can be adapted to each client's business model and to the ERP implementation process employed by the ERP vendor.

Lumenia ERP Project Managers will have a minimum of 10 years of relevant project experience, including delivery of a number of implementation projects.

In addition to this, there are three unique benefits to engaging a Lumenia ERP Project Manager:

  • Continuity guarantee
  • Project quality assurance
  • Access to the Lumenia team

Continuity Guarantee

During the lifetime of an ERP project, unplanned events such as illness, family circumstances or simply a decision to accept another job can result in the temporary or permanent loss of a project manager. If this happens to a Lumenia ERP Project Manager we guarantee to provide a replacement with equivalent experience as soon as is practicable, thus minimising project disruption.

Project Quality Assurance

Each Lumenia ERP Project Manager has regular meetings with a Lumenia Managing Consultant with 25+ years of experience. We provide advice and guidance to our Project Managers and ensure that each project is being managed to the highest standards. There is no additional cost to clients for this service.

Access to the Lumenia Team

Most ERP projects have resource challenges. Project teams need diverse sets of skills covering data migration, testing, organisational change, training and sometimes, regulatory validation. All of these skill sets are available in the broader Lumenia team, meaning that we can provide a one-stop-shop if resource constraints arise.

Steering Team Advisor

The Lumenia Steering Team Advisor provides support to the Project Sponsor and guidance and project implementation expertise to the Steering Team.

During the lifetime of the project, the Steering Team will have many decisions to make relating to potential changes in project scope and/or process designs, resources both internal and external, timelines and budget. The Steering Team Advisor provides expert, independent guidance and also acts as a foil to the software vendor Project Director, ensuring that all decisions are made in our clients’ best interests.

It can be very difficult for a Steering Team to challenge the ERP vendor in the event that there are slippages in the project plan or if vendor deliverables are not at the requisite level of quality or if change controls are raised for additional fees.

The ERP vendor will typically claim that in their experience (which is almost always greater than that of the Steering Team) such things are a normal part of ERP projects. Each Lumenia Steering Team Advisor will have a minimum of 25 years of ERP implementation experience and will provide the gravitas and knowledge to allow the Steering Team to push back where required.

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