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Delivery of ERP user training is one of the last tasks in an ERP implementation and as a result, it doesn’t always get the attention it should. If the end users are not adequately trained in how to get the best from the new system, the organisation will not realise the expected benefits.

The universal approach to ERP training delivery is the so-called “train the trainer” model. This is based on the ERP vendor providing detailed training to the implementation project team, who then train their colleagues.

While this approach has some advantages, it also has a significant flaw. Good quality training needs to be supported by quality training material and many ERP project team members do not have the skills to allow them to develop this. In many ERP projects, this results in ineffective and inconsistent training, with little or no reference material for users to refer to afterwards.

Our solution

ERP Training Deliverables

We can support all elements of the ERP implementation training process, from the early stage documentation of training strategy and curriculum development through to training material development and training delivery assistance.

Training Strategy

We can develop and document the ERP training strategy for the project and supplement this by carrying out training needs analysis and curriculum development for ERP user training.

Training Materials 

We can develop high quality ERP user training material using approaches such as quick reference cards and detailed user guides. All material development is customised to reflect the client’s business processes.


Training material can also be based on eLearning technology, including quizzes, simulations and exercises. Our approach covers both ERP system and process training, as users need to understand both.

Multiple ERP System Training

We can support ERP training for any ERP system including all the leading solutions from vendors such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Workday, Infor, IFS and Sage.



Realisation of Business Benefits

Provision of excellent ERP training, supported by high-quality training material will ensure that users can utilise the new system to its full capabilities, thus helping to realise planned ERP business benefits.

Reuse of Training Materials

High-quality training materials can be reused over time as new employees join the organisation, thus ensuring that all users receive the same level of training at no additional cost.

Improved Business Processes

Ensuring that all ERP users receive high-quality training tends to reduce data entry errors and helps to ensure the business processes are run uniformly and efficiently across the organisation. 

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