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During an ERP implementation, ERP testing is a key activity that must be executed in a structured and thorough manner in order to reduce risk to the business.

Testing an ERP solution is typically complex and requires considerable skill, resources and experience not normally required for daily operations. The ultimate responsibility for testing resides with the organisation implementing an ERP system and not the ERP provider.

Lumenia provided guidance and insight to the activities required for a successful ERP implementation.

Denis Sweeney, ERP Project Manager, Macphie
Our solution

ERP Test Management

The Lumenia ERP Test Manager can manage the full testing process or provide assistance with any of the following activities during new system implementations or existing system upgrades:

  • Test scoping and planning
  • Defining test scenarios
  • Preparing test scripts
  • Scheduling and management of test script execution
  • Managing issue resolution and retesting
  • Coaching and mentoring of in-house resources.

The benefits 

  • Greatly reduced business risk of ERP system implementation issues
  • Testing can be completed with less impact to internal resources
  • In-house staff skills will be enhanced through knowledge transfer
  • Improved testing quality and robustness
  • Increased visibility of test progress.

Why Lumenia?

  • Lumenia consultants have implementation experience with all of the leading ERP systems.
  • Lumenia ERP Test Managers have at least 10 years of ERP experience.
  • Our approach to testing follows a detailed methodology developed using hundreds of person years of project experience.
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