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ERP projects are complex and resource intensive and are notorious for taking a lot longer than planned and costing much more than expected. During an ERP implementation project, senior business managers often find it difficult to determine if the project is really on track and to make sense of the often conflicting information presented by the ERP project team, particularly if there are concerns about the ERP vendor.

“The Lumenia consultant took a very balanced approach. She pointed out areas we needed to compromise upon and challenged the delivery of our ERP partner in other areas”

Chief Executive – Large Trading & Importing Organisation

Our Solution

ERP Project Audit

The ERP Project Audit is conducted by a senior Lumenia ERP consultant with a minimum of 20 years of ERP project experience. It is designed to be completed quickly and does not require significant time commitments on the part of the client. Each audit follows the same steps.

  • Interview key internal and external stakeholders
  • Review the project governance structure and documented deliverables
  • Provide an independent assessment of the project issues and risks
  • Recommend actions to address the issues and Key Performance Indicators to use in future to ensure the project remains on track

The assessment output and associated recommendations are delivered via a presentation to the senior management group.


The Benefits

  • Address concerns of senior business stakeholders by providing an independent, expert view on the project
  • Identify project issues early and address them before they cause too much damage
  • Ultimately, reduce the risk of significant budget or time overruns.


Why Lumenia?

  • We are independent and will provide honest, unbiased feedback and recommendations.
  • We have managed hundreds of ERP engagements involving all of the leading ERP products – it’s very unlikely that your project has issues that we have not seen many times before.
  • The Lumenia consultant who conducts the audit will have at least 20 years of ERP project experience.
  • Because of the depth of our experience, the audit will be completed quickly with minimal disruption to the ERP project or the broader organisation.
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