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ERP projects are complex and resource intensive and are notorious for taking a lot longer than planned and costing much more than expected.

During an ERP implementation project, senior business managers often find it difficult to determine if the project is really on track and to make sense of the often-conflicting information presented by the ERP project team, particularly if there are concerns about the ERP vendor. In these circumstances, our independent ERP implementation audit will provide an expert and objective view on the current state of the project and recommend actions that can be taken to address any issues that have been identified.

“The Lumenia consultant took a very balanced approach. She pointed out areas we needed to compromise upon and challenged the delivery of our ERP partner in other areas.”

Chief Executive – Large Trading & Importing Organisation

Our Solution

ERP Project Audit Process

Each ERP implementation audit is conducted by a senior Lumenia consultant with a minimum of 20 years of ERP project experience. Audits are designed to be completed quickly, using a pre-defined ERP audit checklist developed by our consultants and do not require significant time commitments on the part of the client. Each audit follows the same steps, which are summarised below.

Interview Stakeholders

We will interview key project stakeholders, both internal and from the ERP vendor, to get their views on the key project risks and issues and how these are being managed.

Review Project Documentation 

We will review the project governance structure, plan and other project documentation, including a selection of project deliverables, status reports and minutes from recent governance meetings.

Assess Project

We will make an objective assessment of the project and will highlight the key project risks and issues, identify the root cause of each and recommend actions to remediate them.

Present Findings 

We will present our findings to the client senior management team in a PowerPoint-based ERP audit report and will suggest KPIs and improvements to project reporting, to help monitor future project progress more easily.


Lumenia's ERP project audit offers a number of benefts to organisations where there are concerns about ERP implementation project direction, issues or rate of progress. These include:

  • Independent Analysis 

Providing reassurance to senior stakeholders that project concerns have been reviewed by an independent expert who will point out any shortcomings on both the client and ERP vendor side of the project. 

  • Minimal Client Effort

Using our experience and ERP audit checklist to minimise the amount of time required from stakeholders to allow us to form a view on the project issues and associated root causes.

  • Damage Control 

Delivering clear and actionable recommendations to address the key project issues that have been identified, allowing them to be resolved before they cause too much damage to the project. 

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