ERP Change Management

Organisational Change Management in ERP Projects

Failing to deal adequately with the process and ‘soft’ (or people) issues can have a significant impact on achieving the targeted business benefits in ERP projects. The implementation of a new ERP system can cause significant fears and concerns for many employees and a successful implementation will need to address how to meet these potential sources of resistance to change.

Lumenia’s ERP Change Management process is a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organisational units from the current state to a desired future state post the ERP implementation. Critically, it is the process of integrating the aspects of technology, process and people in order to achieve targeted business benefits from the ERP project.

"Lumenia worked with our internal team to develop a comprehensive organisational change management plan for our ERP project and played a mentoring role during the early days of the project. The structure and process Lumenia gave us became a reference point for our team throughout the project. This is a great way to fast-track the change management stream in an ERP project. Highly recommended!"

Joe Smith, Group IS & Service Delivery Manager, Uniphar PLC


  • The project business benefits are identified and structures are put in place to ensure that they are successfully delivered.
  • Key stakeholders are fully aligned with the project objectives.
  • Communication and stakeholder engagement takes place at the right time, to the right people via the right medium prior to, during and subsequent to the project.
  • The organisational implications of the change resulting from the project are addressed, including for example training and individual personal development needs.
  • Training materials are developed using various media and deployment methods and training effectiveness is measured.
  • The transition to new roles, responsibilities and organisational structures is managed effectively.


  • Much stronger likelihood of benefits realisation following project completion.
  • Significant reduction in resistance to change
  • Clearer, more effective communication fully aligned with the project objectives and plan
  • More effective training with commensurate on-going benefits in terms of better use of the new ERP system and improved business processes.