ERP Project Management

The Project Manager is one of the key roles in an ERP implementation. Lumenia's ERP project management methodology has been developed and refined over many implementation projects. It is a proven, repeatable process that is continuously reviewed, and can be adapted to each client's business model.

The methodology can be delivered in two forms:

  • Lumenia Led: in this case the Lumenia project manager takes full responsibility for the project and generally works on a full-time basis with the client during the implementation
  • Client Led: in this case, the Lumenia project manager mentors an internal client project manager, who has responsibility for delivery of the project. In this model, the Lumenia project manager works on the project on a part-time basis, as dictated by client need.

Lumenia Project Managers have specific ERP implementation experience, in addition to their project management skills. The success of most ERP projects is gauged by traditional on-time, on-budget metrics. Lumenia's yardstick for success is far more stringent than this. We believe that a project is not fully successful unless the benefits that were defined in the business case are also realised.

"BHT had a very aggressive timeline to implement an ERP system and to roll-it out to over 60 retail branches. Lumenia introduced a structured and objective process, involving key people from our organisation. Lumenia’s expertise in ERP and awareness of our business requirements was clearly demonstrated during the selection process, and that, along with their proven track record in managing projects, meant that they were the obvious choice when we needed a Project Manager for the implementation. By using a strong implementation methodology, clear communication and thorough planning, the Lumenia Project Manager optimised the team’s performance so that target dates were met, while project benefits were kept in focus at all times. We would have no hesitation recommending them to other companies."

Shaun McBride, Chief Financial Officier, BHT


  • A detailed project plan to ensure that all tasks are managed.
  • A specific focus on benefits realisation.
  • Exit criteria for each phase of the project.
  • Management of project risks and issues.
  • Project communication and change management.
  • Clear definition of the working relationship with the software provider.
  • Management of the plan using a defined project meeting schedule.

Benefits to the client include:

  • The project is delivered on time and within budget.
  • Planned project benefits will be realised.
  • Accurate and timely reports on project progress and cost.
  • Optimised performance of your project team.
  • All Lumenia Project Managers have formal project management accreditations and at least 15 years of relevant experience.
  • We have worked with all of the leading ERP products and implementation partners and can offer unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Proven implementation methodology and experience.
  • Strong project management skills.
  • Reduced project risk.