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Benefits Quantification: The Key to ERP Project Success?

Will your ERP Project be a success? What is the cost of ERP Project Failure? Why do ERP Projects Fail? Sean Jackson, Managing Director from Lumenia presented at the ERP HEADtoHEAD™ event in October 2013 on 'Benefits Quantification: The Key to ERP Project Success?'. In this highlight video clip Sean examines the 'Cost of ERP Project Failure’.

Will your ERP Project be a Success?

Will your ERP project be a success?Will your ERP Project be a success? What are the factors that influence success? What are the unanswered questions in many ERP projects? Sean Jackson, Managing Director from Lumenia presented at the ERP HEADtoHEAD™ event in February 2012 on 'Will your ERP Project be a success?'. Watch this video highlight to view an introduction to Sean's presentation. 

ERP Selection Best Practice

ERP selection best practiceFrank Crewe, ERP Practice Director at Lumenia, spoke at the recent ERP HEADtoHEAD™ event on 'ERP Selection Best Practice". Frank addressed 7 key tips to keep in mind when selecting an ERP System. 

ERP Introduction to Lumenia

ERP Introdiction to LumeniaSean Jackson, Managing Director at Lumenia introduces Lumenia at the ERP HEADtoHEAD™ event, February 2012. Sean also gives an overview of the ERP Life Cycle and Lumenia Service Offerings including ERP Strategy, ERP Benefits and Business Case Development, ERP Selection, ERP Project Risk Assessment, ERP Project Management, Organisational Change Management and ERP Data Migration Management.

10 Characteristics of Successful ERP Implementations

Stories of disastrous ERP projects are enough to ensure sleepless nights for those looking at the prospect of implementing a new ERP system. So what should you do to ensure that your project is a success? In this video extract you will learn about 3 key elements that lead to successful ERP implementations.

ERP System Evaluation and Selection

ERP System Evaluation and SelectionView this video extract and learn how to conduct a fair and objective ERP evaluation and selection process, learn how to gain cross-functional and multi-level buy-in to the final decision and understand the importance of choosing the right implementation partner.

Big Bang versus Phased ERP Implementations

Big Bang versus Phased ERP ImplementationsIf you are planning to implement a new ERP system, how do you decide if you should introduce the new system in a 'phased' manner or go for the 'big bang' approach? Listen to this webinar extract and learn about the different cutover approaches available and understand the factors which need to be considered when deciding on your go-live strategy.

ERP versus Best of Breed (BOB)

ERP versus Best of Breed (BOB)If you are planning to select a new ERP system, you will need to decide whether you satisfy your entire software requirements with a "one-stop-shop" ERP solution or you decide to go with an ERP system for most of your business processes in conjunction with a best of breed (BOB) system for a specific business function within your organisation.