ERP Selection

Choosing a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can be a daunting task for many organisations. How do you ensure that you evaluate and select the most appropriate system from the vast range available on the market?

Lumenia’s world-class ERP selection methodology and vast experience enable us to assist clients in selecting the most suitable ERP system for an organisation. Uniquely, our selection process starts with the quantification of the business benefits that should result from the deployment of the new system. The requirements that contribute most to business benefit then become key drivers for the selection process. We have completed well over 200 selection projects and have detailed experience of all of the leading ERP products – including those from SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor, Epicor, IFS, Sage and a host of others. Because Lumenia is independent, impartial advice is offered at all stages of the process.

Key ERP Selection Process Outputs:

  • A structured selection process, with well-defined stages, decision points and a detailed project plan.
  • A document containing quantified business benefits that should result from the implementation of ERP. This will form the basis of the business case that will be used to justify the project.
  • Requirements documentation based on future To-Be business processes rather than current inefficient processes
  • Facilitation of project team workshops at all critical points in the decision process, ensuring cross-functional involvement and agreement.
  • Selection of a preferred ERP system and vendor (typically within 3-4 months of project initiation).
  • Objective, documented reasons for the rejection of all other systems.
  • PowerPoint presentation summarising the selection process, which can be used for Senior Management or Board level presentations.
  • Assistance with commercial negotiations.

Benefits of Lumenia's ERP Selection Process:

  • Lumenia do not sell ERP software and offer completely independent advice.
  • Lumenia bring knowledge of current best practice and functionality to the selection process.
  • We have worked with all of the leading ERP products and implementation partners and can offer unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Our selection process is comprehensive and rigorous and guarantees that the chosen vendor and system provide the best match.
  • Our selection process is driven at every step by reference to quantified benefits.
  • The process facilitates cross-functional and multi-level involvement, which promotes user buy-in.
  • Senior management will fully understand the project in terms of costs, timescales, intended solution and benefits.
  • All of our Principal Consultants have at least 10 years of relevant experience of ERP strategy, ERP selection and implementation.
  • Lumenia's vast experience helps to avoid the many potential pitfalls of ERP selection. 

"We chose Lumenia as our support partner for choosing an ERP system and now that the selection process is over I can reflect on what a truly fantastic choice that was and how exceptional the Lumenia consultant who worked with us has been through the process. In each stage of the process, his contribution and attention to detail has been outstanding. His interpretation of vendors’ responses and application to our requirements has been insightful and value added. His application of the process, his dedication, diligence, care and integrity has resulted in a selection for Brunel that we have great confidence in".

Robin Hilton, Finance Director, Neutrahealth

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