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Many organisations waver at the final step in their ERP selection process, fearful that mistakes may have been made along the way or that something crucial may have been missed. You can allay these fears before you put pen to paper on a contract by having your process and decisions audited by Lumenia’s independent experts.

We can leverage the fundamentals of our ERP selection process to carry out a due diligence review of your selection and evaluation process. This independent assessment provides you with assurance that the process was robust, objective and complete, that the decisions made stand up to scrutiny, and that you are in a position to sign commercial agreements that minimise risk and cost.

Review your evaluation criteria and assessment model

There are so many aspects to consider when evaluating ERP solutions that it's easy to make a mistake or overlook something fundamental. Unfortunately errors at this stage in your ERP journey could haunt your organisation for years to come. We will review the ERP evaluation criteria you have used during your selection process to ensure all relevant factors have been considered and properly evaluated, and that nothing important has been missed.

Review your implementation project resourcing and governance model

It's vital that the resource plans and governance structures for your implementation project have been well thought through and are realistic. A lack of experience or unreasonable expectations about the realities of an ERP implementation can lead to project plans that simply can't be achieved and governance structures that don't work. We will review your project resourcing plan and proposed governance structure and recommend corrective adjustments where appropriate.

Using Lumenia to support our ERP selection project was definitely value for money. There is no way we would have been able to complete the project so quickly if we had tried to manage it ourselves. Lumenia brought standard templates, organisation and the drive to get the job done.

Sam Starr, Finance Director, CloserStill Media

Assess the quality of your project and the commercial documentation

The contracting stage for any ERP project is the period between selecting a preferred vendor and actually signing contracts for software and implementation services. The most important document is the Statement of Work, and getting it right demands time, attention to detail, and an experienced eye. Ultimately the objective is to ensure your interests are protected. In addition, there will be various services and support agreements, some with the software author and some with the vendor. We will assess the completeness and quality of your project and commercial documentation, or guide you on what to look for if these have not yet been received.

Provide expert guidance on commercial negotiation

A lack of experience in dealing with enterprise software agreements is an issue for many organisations. The Lumenia consulting team has experience of hundreds of ERP projects, enabling us to provide expert guidance on the commercial aspects of your project as well as advising on how to ensure your project objectives and benefit drivers are included as part of the contract documentation.


Our ERP selection due diligence will provide an assurance that the process used to select your chosen solution was robust, objective and complete and that you have signed a commercial agreement that minimises risk and cost.

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