ERP Readiness for Senior Management

Lumenia’s ERP Readiness Workshop for Senior Management is designed to develop a shared understanding of ERP project implications, objectives and success factors and to ensure that the senior management group fully understands the ERP implementation process and its impact on the organisation during and after the project.

Each workshop is delivered on-site over a single day by one or more experienced Lumenia ERP consultants, and is customised in advance for each organisation. It is ideally delivered very early in the ERP cycle, prior to ERP selection or any definite ERP implementation decision.

Typical Workshop Format

  • Structured discussion and exercises to facilitate agreement on: 
    • ERP project objectives and benefits
    • Business process change
    • Key factors for project success
  • Review of ERP implementation process and challenges
    • ERP project stages
    • Project and business change management
    • Resource requirements and project organisational structure
    • Role of senior management during the ERP project
    • Realistic likely costs and timescales
    • Avoiding project failure
    • Life after go-live
  • Action Plan development
    • Agreement on actions to be taken away from the workshop
    • Agreement on action completion plan

Workshop Benefits

Following the workshop the Senior Management Group will have:

  • A realistic assessment of the likely cost and resource implications of implementing and running ERP
  • A clear understanding of the ERP implementation process and how the cost and resource requirements arise
  • A common view on the project objectives, high-level benefits and critical success factors
  • A common set of expectations with regard to business process change in the context of the ERP project

Review the Lumenia ERP Readiness Workshop flyer.