ERP Readiness for Project Teams

Lumenia’s ERP Readiness Workshop for project teams is designed to ensure that the team that is selected to work on an ERP project has a shared and detailed understanding of the ERP implementation process and how their roles will contribute to the successful delivery of the project.

Each workshop is delivered on-site over one to two days by one or more experienced Lumenia ERP consultants, and is customised in advance for each organisation. It is ideally delivered immediately in advance of the start of an ERP project, and while focused mainly on the project team, line managers or other ERP stakeholders in an organisation may also find much of the content useful.

Typical Workshop Format

  • Defining ERP
    • What is ERP?
    • Clarify the scope of ERP in the context of the organisation
    • Key project benefits and objectives
    • Breakout exercises
  • Detailed Review of ERP Implementation Process
    • ERP project stages
    • ERP governance and management
    • ERP project team structures and roles and responsibilities
    • The ERP project plan
    • Avoiding project failure
    • Breakout exercises
  • Effective Teamwork
    • Mix of skills and characteristics required for successful teams
    • Identification of Belbin roles in the project team
    • Team building exercises


Workshop Benefits

Following the workshop the ERP Project Team will have a clear and shared understanding of:

  • ERP and how this relates the current project in their own organisation
  • The project objectives and business benefits
  • The ERP implementation process, the roles and responsibilities of the project team and how each contributes to project success
  • The skills and characteristics that go to make up successful project teams and how recognition of these can help them to work more effectively together.

Review the Lumenia ERP Readiness Workshop flyer.