CRM Strategy & Selection

Selecting the right CRM system for your organisation provides some unique challenges. Lumenia’s world class Enterprise System Selection Methodology can help you rise to these challenges in the most effective way. 

Functional Scope

The footprint of CRM functionality has extended in recent years as the leading vendors have extended their offerings through development and acquisition. Selecting the system that best covers your specific requirements can be confusing. CRM can cover such areas as those listed below – which ones are important for you?

  • Contact Management
  • Customer Communication Management
  • Opportunity Management and Lead Nurturing
  • Quotation Processes
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Social Analytics and Social Sentiment Management
  • Enterprise Social Networking

Extending CRM

xRM or extended CRM has become a buzzword in recent years. This can mean both extending the use of the relationship management processes to parties other than customers – for example suppliers, employees, contractors, etc. It can also mean literally extending your CRM by building custom processes through workflow and configuration capability. Different CRM solutions may have greater extensibility platforms. Is extensibility important for you?  

Do you know which offerings can best support this requirement?

Scale and Delivery Options

The CRM market is still quite fragmented with the four largest vendors (Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and Microsoft) accounting for  42% of the global market in 2015. Understanding whether one of the market leaders or one of the many smaller or niche offerings provides the best fit for your organisation can be a challenge. Similarly, whether a SaaS, on premise or hosted solution makes the most sense can be a complex decision.

Do you know which vendors you should consider? Do you know what delivery model to use?

CRM Buyers

Unlike many enterprise software investments, CRM is often purchased outside of the IT or Finance function. Quite often it is purchased from within the sales or marketing function in the business. This can pose a number of unique challenges for an organisation.

  • When embarking on a strategic CRM investment an organisation may already have one or more CRM point solutions in place – purchased for individual sales or marketing functions – should these be replaced?
  • Sales or Marketing functions may not have experience of purchasing large enterprise systems and so may hit many of the pitfalls that IT or Finance may have experience of avoiding.
  • Sales or Marketing may not consider interoperability or economies of scale in relation to the existing IT estate in the organisation. In other words functionality and cost may be the only considerations factored into the selection decision.

What function will be tasked with sourcing your CRM solution?

Lumenia have applied their tried and tested enterprise system selection methodology, used successfully on hundreds of ERP projects, to CRM solution selection. We can help you effectively address the challenges described above and avoid the pitfalls of undirected system selection. We have built up a body of experience of working on CRM projects and can help bring this experience to help you through the process.


  • A structured selection process, with well-defined stages, decision points and a detailed project plan.
  • A document containing quantified business benefits that should result from the implementation of CRM. This will form the basis of the business case that will be used to justify the project.
  • Facilitation of project team workshops at all critical points in the decision process, ensuring cross-functional involvement and agreement.
  • Selection of a preferred CRM system and vendor (typically within 2-3 months of project initiation).
  • Objective, documented reasons for the rejection of all other systems.
  • PowerPoint presentation summarising the selection process, which can be used for Senior Management or Board level presentations.
  • Assistance with commercial negotiations.


  • Lumenia do not sell CRM software and offer completely independent advice.
  • Lumenia bring knowledge of current best practice and functionality to the selection process.
  • We have worked with all of the leading CRM products and implementation partners and can offer unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of each.
  • Our selection process is comprehensive and rigorous and guarantees that the chosen vendor and system provide the best match.
  • Our selection process is driven at every step by reference to quantified benefits.
  • The process facilitates cross-functional and multi-level involvement, which promotes user buy-in.
  • Senior management will fully understand the project in terms of costs, timescales, intended solution and benefits.
  • Lumenia do not employ juniors. All of our Principal Consultants have at least 10 years of relevant experience of business system strategy, selection and implementation. This experience helps to avoid the many potential pitfalls of CRM.

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