Many people underestimate the cost of business systems change. Often costs generated as part of a business case are based on indicative figures provided by ERP vendors at the early stages of selection processes. Such costs are almost always understated and in any case, form only part of the cost of change.

Lumenia take a much more holistic and realistic view of project costs. Using the extensive experience of our consultants and our knowledge base of well over 200 ERP projects, we can generate a realistic indicative estimate of ERP costs which takes into account internal and external costs broken into operational and capital spend, so that multi-year financial analysis can be undertaken.


  • Get a realistic and detailed estimate of likely ERP, CRM or other business application project costs, without the need to engage with software providers.
  • Understand both internal and external costs, and how the costs break down between recurring and capital expense.
  • Working with Lumenia means you won’t need to engage with software vendors too early and you can avoid the prospect of software vendor sales calls each month about your potential project.

Tangible Deliverables Include:

  • A document containing a structured breakdown of projected project costs, taking into account all cost elements, both internal and external.
  • Comparative analysis of projected costs versus other similar projects that have been undertaken by Lumenia (client confidentiality is respected at all times).
  • A clear list of assumptions underlying the cost projections and of the risks associated with the project.

Download our ERP Cost Quantification Industry Reports: 

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