ERP Benefits Quantification

Quantification of benefits prior to the decision to select a new ERP or CRM solution is essential for two reasons: 

  1. Without a solid business case it is unlikely that the funding required to select and implement a new ERP software solution will be approved.
  2. The business requirements relating to the realisation of quantified benefits should be one of the key drivers for the selection and implementation of any new ERP solution.

Lumenia will work with the senior managers in your organisation to identify the opportunities for improvement that will result from ERP implementation and quantify these in financial terms. All quantified benefits will be realistic and achievable and will be signed off by the business as part of the process.

We will capture the benefits identified in a sophisticated quantification model that allows us to calculate multi-year benefits, linked to planned organisational growth.

Benefits Include:

  •  An expert and independent view of the realistic potential benefits to your organisation of implementing a new ERP solution.
  • Quantification of those benefits in financial terms, providing a key input to your business case.
  • Having managers from the business sign-off of all quantified benefits means that the organisation will be fully engaged with the proposed ERP project before it even starts.
  • The rationale supporting each quantified benefit will provide a ready-made starting point for the requirements analysis and definition phase of the software selection project.

Tangible Deliverables Include:

  • An ERP project appraisal document detailing the quantifiable and intangible business benefits that will result from the implementation of the proposed solution.
  • All financially quantified benefits will be realistically achievable and approved by the business manager responsible.
  • A business process change document summarising what will need to change in the current business processes to realise the benefits that have been quantified. This will form the starting point for the functional requirements documentation that will be developed during any future software selection process.

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