The retail sector has changed massively in recent years. From general economic challenges to the explosion in eCommerce few sectors have seen so much change. In an environment like this, any factor that can provide efficiency and competitive advantage is obviously important. In this context a well planned and executed business systems strategy is particularly crucial.

The needs of retailers vary from high street to trade counter, from retail multiple to eCommerce.

ERP and Retail

While ERP is often considered a “back-end” system relative to retail's core “front-end” requirements, in truth the front-end cannot function at its optimum level without a well implemented and integrated back-end. A front end Point of Sale (POS) or eCommerce portal may support some of the more dynamic pricing, promotional and till related functionality required in a retail environment. However the purchasing and stocking of the items being sold is handled through ERP and so must interact seamlessly with any “best-of-breed” POS or eCommerce solution.In addition, some ERP systems now have very functional POS and eCommerce capability, some tailored for specific retail industries. Developing and executing the most effective business applications strategy can help retailers secure competitive advantage in this most competitive of environments. 

CRM and Retail

CRM can have an important role in many retail organisations. Retailers selling products with a significant after sales interaction with customers obviously need an effective way to manage these interactions. eCommerce retailers typically have many pre-sales and after-sales interactions with customers. Core CRM functionality is well placed to support the effective management of such customer interactions.

Lumenia and Retail

Lumenia has helped clients in various retail industries.

Client Testimonials

"BHT had a very aggressive timeline to implement an ERP system and to roll-it out to over 60 retail branches. We knew we had to make sure that we picked the right solution for our business, and Lumenia were recommended to us as an independent advisor who could assist us in doing that. They introduced a structured and objective process, involving key people from our organisation, and this allowed us to clearly evaluate the options and to make a decision on the best solution for us. Lumenia’s expertise in ERP and awareness of our business requirements was clearly demonstrated during the selection process, and that, along with their proven track record in managing projects, meant that they were the obvious choice when we needed a Project Manager for the implementation. By using a strong implementation methodology, clear communication and thorough planning, the Lumenia Project Manager optimised the team’s performance so that target dates were met, while project benefits were kept in focus at all times. Because the Lumenia process had involved the team in the selection, they were motivated to pull out all the stops to deliver the solution. Lumenia also provided mentoring during the project, and this knowledge transfer meant that one of our staff was in a position to take on the Project Management of later phases of the implementation. BHT are very happy with the ERP knowledge and project management skills provided by Lumenia, and we would have no hesitation recommending them to other companies."

Shaun McBride, Chief Financial Officer, BHT

'Lumenia's project management expertise helped us successfully deploy our corporate ERP and POS systems to our latest retail acquisition. This project was successfully delivered under very aggressive timelines in a complex commercial environment. Lumenia provided overall project management for the rollout involving systems, data and training and their experience ensured a smooth implementation.'

John O'Carroll, General Manager - Retail, Dairygold