Lumenia have extensive experience of working with clients across the distribution sector in various verticals. While distribution is common to any industry involved in the movement of physical goods, from a business systems point of view there are characteristics of organisations operating in this sector that will inform what and how systems are best implemented. These may include;

  • Complex pricing, rebate and payment structures
  • Supply chain collaboration
  • Commodities trading
  • Import/Export regulations
  • Advanced warehouse management
  • User mobility
  • Transport optimisation

ERP in the Distribution sector

ERP underpins many of the business processes in the distribution sector. Selecting and implementing an ERP with strong distribution process functionality can allow your organisation to gain an advantage on the competition.

CRM in the Distribution sector

Requirements for CRM in the distribution sector can range from traditional B2C CRM requirements, like opportunity and communication management, to custom xRM interactions and workflows to support complex and dynamic supply chain collaboration processes.

Client Testimonials

“The business process review with Lumenia, prior to the new ERP system implementation, has really given WD-40 the opportunity to think in different ways.”

Jonathan McCoy, General Manager - IT, WD40

“We needed to develop a strategy for ERP in our operations in Ireland and the US. Lumenia delivered a comprehensive and very clear roadmap in a timely and professional manner. They work very effectively, combining deep ERP and process knowledge with an ability to engage with people at all levels of the organisation. I would have no hesitation in recommending Lumenia”.

John D'Arcy, CFO, Campbell Bewley Group

"The selection of a new ERP system has been one of the biggest decisions for PEI in recent years and we found Lumenia to be an excellent addition to this project. In the first instance our decision to engage Lumenia was not only due to their excellent reputation but also because their independence would ensure PEI an unbiased approach to the selection process. Lumenia helped us identify and document our key requirements and following the scripted demonstrations they worked with us to create an objective evaluation and selection process which assisted us greatly in choosing an appropriate solution. The Lumenia team maintained their independence while demonstrating a strong knowledge of our industry specific requirements and best practices; their experience was invaluable to PEI. If the opportunity arose in the future we would definitely work with Lumenia again.”

Brian Meaney, Financial Director, PEI

“Deciding whether to keep our existing ERP system or replace it with a new one was difficult. Lumenia have deep ERP knowledge and provided structure, objectivity and clarity of thought to help us to arrive at the right decision. Highly recommended!”

Graham Wright, Systems Manager, AIMIA Foods

"Selection of an appropriate ERP system has been a big challenge for Alfa-Pharm due to the lack of the experience in the local market and the absence of the local vendors. Prior to working with Lumenia we went through a lengthy process of negotiations with potential vendors without having expertise on evaluating their proposals and organizing the process. Lumenia’s structured approach was invaluable for identifying an appropriate system and formulating our key requirements. The Lumenia team demonstrated a strong sense of partnership, professionalism and hands-on experience throughout the whole process. I consider this complex project to be one of the most successful we have completed at Alfa-Pharm".

Artur Grigoryan, Chief Executive Officer, ALFA-PHARM

"Lumenia worked with our internal team to develop a comprehensive organisational change management plan for our ERP project and played a mentoring role during the early days of the project. The structure and process Lumenia gave us became a reference point for our team throughout the project. This is a great way to fast-track the change management stream in an ERP project. Highly recommended!"

Joe Smith, Group IS & Service Delivery Manager, Uniphar PLC

"Glanbia Consumer Foods Ireland engaged Lumenia to project manage the implementation of key technology across our distribution network. While the project was complex in terms of scope and scale, with Lumenia's support the project was successfully delivered. Lumenia's committed, direct and results focused approach certainly added value to our operations".

Lorcan Rossi, Financial Director, GLANBIA

"Lumenia's approach was extremely professional and hands-on when we decided to look at replacing our existing systems, from business case preparation through to documenting our requirements, system demonstrations and ultimately choosing a preferred vendor. Our business is diverse and complex, but Lumenia involved people from across the group and helped us focus on the things that make us different or which would be challenging for any ERP system. I've no doubt that the selection process would have been significantly more difficult and lengthy without the help and advice we received from Lumenia".

David Kelly, Head of Finance