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Preparing your Business Processes for ERP

We believe that having well-defined, streamlined and standardised business processes is as important to overall business efficiency as the organisation’s supporting systems. 

If you’re considering an ERP implementation, this paper will encourage you to undertake process design up-front, before selecting and on-boarding an ERP supplier. It will also help you to maximise benefits realisation from your new ERP solution by ensuring you focus on achieving consistent and streamlined processes from the outset.

ERP and Business Systems for the Fashion Industry

ERP and Business Systems for the Fashion Industry ..Free White Paper

Lumenia’s latest white paper ERP and Business Systems for the Fashion Industry addresses the factors that fashion and apparel companies need to consider when investing in new or replacement business systems to support their product development, supply chain, retail and back office operations.

ERP Market Overview Report 2017

ERP continues to be a dynamic and growing market and the various solutions on offer continue to evolve and change. Technology and market changes, and the demands of an ever-evolving business environment, mean the role of those involved in enterprise IT architecture and procurement continues to be a challenging one. .

This latest ERP Market Overview Report from Lumenia, outlines the leading ERP offerings, examines key market movements and discusses important trends. 

Hosting your ERP Solution: 10 questions to consider

Much advice about ERP investment decisions (Lumenia’s included) will tell you that ERP is a business transformation project, not an IT project. Also that the business case should focus on the business benefits that will be realised. These statements are both valid and are both fundamentals of a successful ERP project.

How much does ERP cost?

How much does ERP Cost? Download nowHow much does ERP cost? The correct answer to this question is the same as that which applies to the length of the proverbial piece of string – it depends. The truth is, without an understanding of the scope of a proposed project and a host of other considerations it is not really possible to make a sensible estimate of cost. However, it is possible to identify the main ERP cost components.

Budgeting for ERP

Budgeting for ERP - Lumenia Whitepaper One of the criteria used for measuring the success of ERP implementation projects is actual costs versus budgeted costs. The first step in achieving this goal starts before the implementation project with the creation of a comprehensive and realistic budget.

Organisational Change Management in ERP Projects

Organisational Change Management in ERP ProjectsOrganisational Change Management (OCM) is a critical component of many successful ERP projects. Despite this, the term Change Management is one which is not well understood by many ERP practitioners or by most ERP users.

Upgrading your ERP Systems

Download the free white paper Upgrading your ERP SystemsOrganisations of all sizes are increasingly dependent on ERP solutions to manage their business. For many enterprises the diversity and complexity of the application landscape continues to grow and evolve in order to meet new challenges. Competitiveness is closely linked to the ability to adopt new technologies, interact more efficiently with business partners and reduce costs. All of these business drivers are enabled to some extent by ERP solutions and, as many organisations will previously have invested significantly in ERP, the notion of upgrading or extending the footprint of existing systems is worth consideration.

Master Data Management for Mid-sized ERP Implementations

Master Data Management ReportMaster Data Management (MDM) has been a hot topic in business systems architecture for a number of years. It reflects the increasingly complex nature of global business with key master data existing in multiple systems. Many Data Management methodologies and data integration, federation and data quality technologies now exist to address the challenges raised by this complexity.

Data Migration in ERP Projects

Data Migration White PaperA key value proposition of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems is the efficiency to be gained from the integrated processes they support. These integrated processes are dependent on accurate and well maintained data. Any ERP implementation will involve the migration of data from one or more legacy systems.