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Lumenia Consulting independent ERP services

ERP Consulting Services

We specialise in the development of business systems strategy and the selection and implementation of enterprise applications.

Lumenia offers independent services and methodologies for each stage of the ERP lifecycle. Browse our service offerings below or navigate the ERP lifecycle stages above.

  • ERP Planning

    ERP Readiness Workshops

    Lumenia’s ERP readiness workshop for senior management is designed to develop a shared understanding of ERP project implications, objectives and success factors and to ensure that the senior management group fully understands the ERP implementation process and its impact on the organisation during and after the project. Each workshop is delivered over a single day by one or more experienced Lumenia ERP consultants, and is customised in advance for each organisation.

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  • Business Process Transformation

    Business Process Design

    Business process design is traditionally time-consuming and labour-intensive. We can accelerate this activity significantly by employing our tools and templates to avoid the effort of documenting current processes and using our library of sample business process diagrams as a starting point for design.

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  • ERP Planning

    ERP Business Case Development

    Many organisations will want to have some idea of ERP project cost and benefit before sanctioning an ERP replacement process. Once an ERP solution is selected, generally a more detailed business case will be required to secure Board approval. We can support both stages of business case development. Our extensive ERP project and market experience allows us to provide robust early cost estimates and we have developed detailed processes to identify business benefits.

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  • ERP Implementation

    Change Management in ERP Projects

    Many ERP projects result in significant changes to business processes, work practises, roles and even organisational structures. Lumenia’s ERP change management process addresses the challenges using a structured approach to transitioning individuals, teams, and organisational units from the current state to a desired future state post the ERP implementation. It ensures the new solution is readily accepted by all users and the intended business benefits are realised for the organisation.

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  • ERP Selection

    ERP Selection Due Diligence

    Perhaps you are close to completing an ERP selection project but would like an independent view. We can provide a focused review of your ERP selection process, designed to uncover gaps before contracts are signed. Reduce risk with the benefit of our ERP project experience.

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  • ERP Planning

    ERP Readiness Audit

    A one-day audit to rapidly assess your organisation’s readiness to deliver a successful ERP project.

    Our ERP readiness audit is based on our experience of hundreds of ERP projects. We have identified a number of red flags that are indicators that a project may run into difficulty. The audit determines how many of these red flags are present in your organisation and provides guidance on how to deal with them.

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