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A common approach at the start of an ERP requirements or business process change project is to interview process owners to ask them how the current processes could be improved, namely, business process benchmarking.  

While this is often a valuable exercise, it has a serious flaw in that it assumes that the process owners will be able to identify improvement opportunities. Many process owners have limited experience of seeing how similar processes operate in other organisations and often complain that they “don’t know what good looks like”.

We have addressed this issue by building a library of over 400 good practice business process enablers, covering a broad range of business processes. We use the enablers to benchmark client ERP business processes as in the sample output below and to help identify process improvement opportunities and functional requirements.


ERP Business Process Transformation; Business Process Benchmarking


This approach is particularly useful for multi-site organisations, where process capability can be compared across sites. 

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