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ERP Market Trends

Lumenia is delighted to partner once again with ERP Today in the production of the annual ERP vendor review, with ten of the leading providers profiled in detail. While the vendors may vary in scale, product range and industry focus, certain market trends are evident and worthy of commentary.

Functionality Trends

The days of difficult to use, clunky ERP systems may not be entirely gone but there has certainly been a massive leap forward over recent years in the standard of ERP user interfaces. ERP systems are becoming easier to use with the types of consumer-grade interfaces we are all familiar with from smartphones and browsers. Mobility continues to be a strong theme, with ERP solutions responding to the expectation that users are not sitting at the same desk all day. The trend is clearly towards systems that, as well as being user-friendly to work with, actually help to speed up business processes, through tools and technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotic process automation, augmented reality and the internet of things. Every ERP vendor is on this journey to some degree at least, and at this stage the direction of travel is clear to all.

Commercial Market Trends

The inexorable trend in the ERP market is towards subscription-based licensing models. While many ERP vendors still offer perpetual licensing it is likely that the attraction of a long term subscription revenue stream, and an increased general acceptance of the subscription model for consuming services, will mean that the perpetual licensing model will fade away.

Read ERP Market Trends in the ERP Vendor Report 2021The ERP market is often viewed as pretty staid, yet every year many vendors make acquisitions to enhance their offerings. The market trend towards cloud-based architectures facilitates the integration of acquired solutions into an overall ERP offering.

Finally, we have recently seen Acumatica and Sage Intacct enter the UK and Ireland ERP market. Both products are well-established cloud-based ERP solutions in North America, and we can expect them to make waves on this side of the Atlantic in 2021.

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This blog and Report was written by Consulting Managers John Donagher and Ian O'Toole of Lumenia in partnership with ERP Today. If you would like further information on ERP please send an e-mail to John Donagher