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Webinar - Successful ERP: Training as a Key Factor in Managing Change

Many ERP projects result in significant changes to business processes, work practises, roles and even organisational structures.

Developing a structured project approach through change management and training can ensure a smooth transition and guarantee benefit realisation.

Training is the cornerstone of change management. In order for a project to bring about change effectively, the people in the organisation need to be trained for success in the face of a new reality. A good training approach also helps communicate to the workforce how the change will be beneficial to their roles and to the company.

Successful ERP: Training as a Key Factor in Managing Change Webinar

Lumenia Consulting and Novitas are collaborating on a webinar  “Successful ERP: Training as a Key Factor in Managing Change”, taking place on Thursday 25th May at 11 AM – 11.45 AM. 

Please join Eric Plunkett and Tim Buckley, Novitas and Ursula Browne, Lumenia as they share their views on the change that ERP brings to an organisation and how that change can be managed, focusing on training as a critical component of successful projects.

The webinar will provide a platform for questions and discussion on the topic. If you are preparing to implement ERP, be sure to join us for this session.


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Webinar - Successful ERP: Training as a Key Factor in Managing Change >>


Additional Information

Ursula Browne is a Managing Partner with Lumenia  with responsibility for ERP deploy services, including ERP project management and training.  She has been with Lumenia since 2008, working with clients on business system strategy, selection and implementation projects and advising and supporting them through the transformation brought about by ERP.  Ursula has over 35 years of professional experience with a background in Supply Chain Management.

Lumenia Consulting is an independent ERP and Digital consulting organisation, specialising in business transformation through the implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning, Digital and related enterprise software applications.


The Founder and Managing Director of Novitas, Eric Plunkett has 25 years' experience leading large ERP training projects globally. Since founding Novitas 11 years ago, he has developed and continues to refine the Novitas training methodology which ensures the successful delivery of training to all project team roles and business roles for all of Novitas’ customers training projects. 

Tim Buckley is Head of Strategy and Innovation at Novitas. Tim has a proven track record for the successful delivery of Digital solutions and services to a varied customer base. He has built, managed and matured technology and product delivery teams to drive investment in technology intensive business services and models. He has achieved extensive success in complex environments and globally diverse roles/companies.

Novitas provide flexible, tailored and cost-effective training solutions for all types of change and digital transformation projects, in any geography. We design training programmes which meet the diverse needs of your different user groups across your business and project.



Webinar - Successful ERP: Training as a Key Factor in Managing Change >>