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Lumenia publishes new ERP Contracts white paper

ERP projects are collaborative design and build projects that get to the heart of business processes. Without having clearly contracted scope, responsibilities and deliverables – like any design and build project - they can run far over budget and schedule and diverge from any original notional scope.

ERP Contracts Lumenia White PaperLumenia Consulting’s latest white paper on ERP Contracts: A foundation for controlled ERP projects, explores as to how ERP Contracts are clearly a foundation for successful ERP projects.

This white paper examines the various contractual elements of typical ERP programmes, where the main risks for scope creep and budget might lie, and how to mitigate those in well-constructed commercial documentation and contracts. It also explores the factors and opinions to be considered when contracting partners for an ERP project.

Lumenia Consulting is a leading independent consulting organisation and has vast experience supporting ERP projects in diverse and complex businesses. Lumenia has developed tried and tested methodologies for Business System Strategy development and system selection to ensure that you never start with a blank page.

The white paper is available to download from the Insights section of Lumenia’s website.  For further information on ERP Contracts contact Ian O’Toole, Consulting Manager at or read his recent blog on Solid ERP Contracts are a foundation of Successful ERP Projects