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Lumenia is sometimes approached by organisations that have identified their preferred ERP solution and are either approaching commercial agreement or about to sign contracts with the vendor. They need an independent assessment of their decision and to ensure that their commercial agreements minimise risk and maximise opportunity for a successful implementation.

Lumenia can leverage the fundamentals of our ERP Selection process to carry out a due diligence review of your selection and evaluation process. We will:

  • Retrospectively review your evaluation criteria and assessment model.
  • Review your implementation project resourcing and governance model and recommend corrective adjustments where appropriate.
  • Assess the completeness and quality of your project and commercial documentation (contracts, statements of work, etc.) or guide you on what to look for if these have not yet been received.
  • Provide expert guidance on commercial negotiation and on how to ensure that your project objectives and benefit drivers are included as part of the contract documentation

Our ERP project due diligence will provide an assurance that the process used to select your chosen solution was robust, objective and complete and that you have signed a commercial agreement that minimises risk and cost.

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