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Growing Pains: The impact of business growth on ERP Strategy

Growth. Expansion. More sales. More profits. This is what every business wants and tries to achieve. And a great many businesses are very successful in doing just that, whether through well executed sales strategies, diversification, acquisition or expansion into new territories. Or sometimes just plain luck!

Clearly a growing organisation will experience many challenges, and how systems support the business is likely to be one of these. Increased business generally means greater volumes of transactions and increased levels of activity. That could in turn mean more people are required to deal with the extra work load. But what if more efficient processes, enabled by better systems, could support that growth without a pro rata increase in headcount? What if your manual processes could be automated? What if your business systems landscape was optimised to support your growth as efficiently and effectively as possible?

This Lumenia Exective Briefing:  

  • Examines the Impact of business growth on ERP Strategy
  • Discusses the effect of growth on business systems
  • Identifies consequences for the business
  • Provides direction in devising a systems strategy
  • Clarifies the benefits of implementing ERP.