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Digital Experience is Boosting Revenue Generation in Sport

The sports sector is big business, worth tens of billions of dollars worldwide. Nowhere is this value more pronounced than in football (soccer). Football is the world’s most popular sport and its annual revenues are three time larger than its next three rivals combined (American football, baseball & Formula 1).

In this article, I focus on how changes in consumer behaviour, enabled through new technologies, are combining to drive further exponential growth in football revenues worldwide.

CRM System Demonstrations

The system demonstration is a critical element in a structured CRM system selection process. What are the main questions you should be looking to answer?

CRM Contracts

I’ve recently been involved at the contract negotiation stage on a number of CRM projects, and I’ve noticed radically different views from both system vendors and their clients regarding what’s necessary and appropriate in terms of contract details. I’ve also seen a number of situations where a failure to execute an effective contract has led to material difficulties during CRM implementation projects. So what are the key elements in any business system contract?

The Seven Deadly Sins of System Selection

Having decided that a new ERP or CRM system is the right move for your organisation, the next step is to select a system. Despite the consolidation in the enterprise software market over the past fifteen years, there is still a wide variety of choice. Identifying the system and implementation partner that best suits your business and budget is a critical step towards a successful implementation. This requires a structured selection process carefully managed according to agreed principles. Avoiding failure in this process means steering clear of the “Seven Deadly Sins of System Selection”.

CRM System Fundamentals

In the last twenty years, a myriad of CRM systems have been introduced to the marketplace.  What exactly is a CRM system and how might it be used?

CRM System Selection: Ignoring the Detailed Requirements

Why do some companies go to the trouble and expense of documenting detailed functional requirements only to completely ignore these requirements later in the CRM selection process?

How to Choose the Right System Implementation Partner

Much has been written about the importance of choosing the right system when it comes to successful ERP and CRM implementations. However, Lumenia’s experience is that choosing the right implementation partner is just as important as choosing the right system.

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