Our Approach

Because Lumenia does not sell software, we have an independent perspective on enterprise applications such as ERP or CRM. Software applications like these are expensive to deploy and maintain, consume significant resources and if not implemented properly have a high risk of failure.

Our view is that in order to justify the cost, time and risk involved, ERP and CRM implementation projects should deliver a tangible return. We also recognise that realisation of benefits will usually involve significant change to business processes and will require a high degree of organisational buy-in.

For these reasons, our approach to the development of enterprise applications strategy and ERP or CRM system selection begins by working with our clients to understand which changes in business processes and/or the use of technology would result in the biggest return to their organisation. Once these changes have been identified, we use them as the basis of:

  1. Business benefit quantification and
  2. Functional requirements documentation.

Because with our help, the benefits are quantified and signed off by our clients, and because there is clarity about the changes required to realise those benefits, ERP and CRM projects managed by Lumenia have an exceptional degree of focus and organisational buy-in.

Our software selection projects are driven largely by future business process requirements, not by current practice. During implementation, formal checkpoints are put in place at key milestones to ensure that the new software is on target to deliver the planned benefits. Finally, organisational structures are put in place to measure and monitor the effectiveness of the new systems long after implementation.

While our approach and industry-leading methodologies have maximum effect when deployed from the very early stages of planning enterprise application strategy right through to final project completion and benefits realisation, we can add significant value at any point of the software selection and implementation process.

Having completed well in excess of 200 projects, our knowledge of the ERP and CRM marketplace and the strengths and weaknesses of the various software products and vendors is extensive. In many cases our fees for software selection are more than offset by savings made during the commercial and contract review stage of the selection project.

Collectively, our consulting team have hundreds of person years of business systems implementation experience. This in tandem with our benefits-driven implementation methodology allows us to provide world class project management for ERP or CRM projects, or for individual streams within those projects such as testing, data migration, validation or organisational change.