Compare the leading ERP products at 1 event

Thinking ERP? 9 leading ERP products will compete for your attention

September 2nd 2013

Nine leading ERP products will be pitted against each other over two days at the 3rd ERP HEADtoHEAD™ event taking place on 16th/17th October in the Carlton Hotel, Dublin Airport. Each product will be demonstrated using a single script, allowing for a true like-for-like comparison.

The event is aimed at organisations that are planning to upgrade or replace their ERP systems.  This is an ideal opportunity for senior finance or IT executives and members of their ERP selection teams to efficiently review the leading ERP products and to learn how to manage their selection process so that risk is reduced and benefits are maximised.

“If you are budgeting for or about to start an ERP software replacement or upgrade project this event should not be missed. It is a unique opportunity to make an efficient apples-to-apples comparison of some of the leading ERP products based on a defined script, not a series of generic sales presentations. The event will also provide opportunities to network and compare experiences with other organisations also planning to implement ERP”, commented Sean Jackson, Managing Director of Lumenia, the leading ERP consultants. 

Products from leading ERP vendors, including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Epicor, IFS, Access and CORE will be demonstrated. In addition, each vendor will have an individual demonstration stand, where specific project requirements can be discussed in between presentations.

Attendees have the option to attend for one or two days. Each product will be presented once each day, with presentations taking place in three parallel streams. Special discounts apply for early bird booking and for more than two attendees registering per company.

This event will be facilitated by Lumenia, Europe’s leading independent ERP consulting organisation. Lumenia has managed over 100 ERP projects and will share project experiences and ERP selection and implementation knowledge during the event.

For further information and to register please contact Linda Davey on 091 746940 or by e-mail or check out the event website