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Roadmap to Successful ERP Projects – The Common Characteristics

Implementing an ERP can enable significant business benefits to your project-based organisation, providing you with better business insights, increasing profitability, and supporting proactive decision making.  However, due to complexity and potential risk, organisations may be reluctant to adopt change.  The good news is there are common characteristics and indicators of successful projects that you can follow to ensure your implementation runs smoothly. 

Sean Jackson, Managing Director from Lumenia Consulting will share what you need to consider when starting an ERP project.  Through his experience of implementing hundreds of ERP projects, Sean has identified the key common characteristics of successful projects.  

If you are considering an ERP project, be sure to join this latest webinar, Roadmap to Successful ERP Projects – The Common Characteristics, being hosted by Deltek on Thursday 15th October. 

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Common characteristics of a successful project
  • Why securing management buy-in is critical
  • How to identify if you have the right team in place
Common Characteristics of successful ERP projects


If you are considering an ERP implementation, this webinar will perfect for you to assist you on your journey.  Register now to discover how to get started!

You can also hear Sean Jackson presenting on Are you ERP Ready? at Lumenia’s ERP HEADtoHEAD™ event, taking place on 20 / 21 October. Find out more here: