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New Report: Hosting your ERP Solution: 10 questions to consider

Much advice about ERP investment decisions (Lumenia’s included) will tell you that ERP is a business transformation project, not an IT project. Also that the business case should focus on the business benefits that will be realised. These statements are both valid and are both fundamentals of a successful ERP project.

However, ERP is also an IT project. A broad business benefits analysis should look at the IT changes it may bring. These range from organisational to infrastructural. Deciding on what makes most sense for you can be a difficult task. This latest report from Lumenia, 'Hosting your ERP Solution: 10 questions to consider' outlines ten questions for you to consider. If you can answer these before talking to your hosting partner you will simplify the selection process and be comfortable that you are buying a service that suits your service and risk management needs.

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