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Lumenia publishes new ERP Report: ERP Market Review 2014

New trends and technological developments around Social, Mobile, Cloud and Big Data technologies have excited widespread discussion in IT analyst and media circles in recent times. So much so that Social, Mobile and Cloud have been given the slightly bizarre shorthand SoMoClo, a term first coined to describe the convergence of these technologies.

ERP Market Review Report 2014

ERP at its core is about systems that focus on integrated recording and planning of how organisations buy, sell, store, make, move, account for and plan. However, social, mobile, cloud and big data are having an impact on ERP. Across enterprise technology, from hardware to software to services, ERP vendors have aligned their offerings to these hot topics. These trends are enabling ERP to deliver more, in some cases, yet are also making the ERP strategy and selection processes more complex for CIOs and IT managers.

In this latest report from Lumenia, ERP Market Review 2014, the competitive landscape of the ERP market is discussed.  Market developments from the leading vendors including SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, Infor and Epicor, and a number of cloud ERP vendors are reviewed. The impacts of disruptive forces, such as technology trends and global economic developments, on ERP buying decisions and implementation practices are explored.

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