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Lumenia Consulting partners with ERP Today in the ERP Vendor Review Report

Lumenia Consulting is delighted to partner again with ERP Today in the production of the third ERP Today ERP Vendor Review Report. Ten key ERP vendors that are suited to mid-market and enterprise customers are explored in detail. The report also looks at trends across the ERP market.

The report addresses the ten vendors in the following areas: key products, business type suitability, vertical suitability, go-to-market strategy, licensing, pricing and customers. The ERP vendors covered in the report are Advanced, Epicor, IFS, Infor, Microsoft, Oracle, QAD, SAP, Unit4 and Workday.

Paul Esherwood, Editor of the ERP Today magazine addresses the importance of ERP within organisations, “ERP remains the foundation on which virtually all transformation is possible. Its value to a business has increased rather than decreased as businesses need data more than ever to execute in a digital world”. However, the role of ERP within an organization is also changing, states Esherwood, “it used to be the case that the ERP was the ‘be-all and end-all’ - it was the beating heart of the organization….thankfully, vendors and customers have come to a new mutual understanding and ERP is rightly less obtrusive now than ever”.

In the report, Lumenia Consulting also shares thoughts on the ERP market and systems landscape. Specifically they look at the importance of securing supply chains, ESG and sustainability, open architectures and optimized and extended business processes.

Lumenia partners with ERP Today for ERP Vendor Report


None of the vendors have paid for their inclusion in this report and the analysis of the companies is Lumenia’s collective independent view of the respective offerings.

Lumenia does not sell software and their independence means that they have no vested interest in pushing clients towards particular software solutions. They focus instead on how enterprise applications can best be used to transform business processes and deliver measurable business benefit to their clients, whether this is through the deployment of new software or by getting more value from systems that are already in use.

The report is available to download for free from the Lumenia Consulting website at: