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ERP Optimisation: Are you wasting your investment in ERP?

If you are a senior decision-maker in an organisation, there can be nothing more frustrating than having invested significantly in an ERP solution only to find that “the system” is still being blamed for all sorts of issues long after the implementation project has been wrapped up. Despite putting huge effort into the ERP implementation project, life with the new system is a big disappointment, expectations have been dashed and, even worse, the situation is deteriorating further over time. In many ways it feels like the investment in ERP has been wasted. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

An ERP system is an expensive asset, and every business can benefit by extracting more value from that investment. Many of the causes of poorly performing systems are relatively easy to identify, but fixing the problems requires a coherent plan, strong senior management commitment and ongoing focus.

ERP Optimisation white paper

The latest Executive Briefing from leading independent ERP consultants, Lumenia Consulting:

  • Discusses critical challenges confronting ERP environments prior to optimisation
  • Provides a list of symptoms of suboptimal ERP systems
  • Outlines the top 10 pain-points documented during a real ERP optimisation project
  • Examines proven strategic approaches to ERP optimisation
  • Includes real scenarios where Lumenia have optimised clients’ ERP systems

“Regrettably for many ERP implementations there is little or no focus on analysing expected benefits before the project starts, and even less on ensuring those benefits are delivered as part of the implementation. This is a huge mistake, as the cumulative effect of quantifiable financial benefits over time can be very substantial”, commented the Briefing’s author John Donagher, Principal Consultant at Lumenia.

The Lumenia Quarterly Executive Briefing is aimed at senior executives who have an interest in matters relating to the effective management of IT.  Our objective is that each issue will be of real and practical value, helping readers to reduce risk, manage cost and realise more value from business systems.

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