Electronics & Engineering

Electronics & Engineering, or hi-tech manufacturing includes the manufacture and distribution of computers, digital devices, electronic components and other “hi-tech” products. This industry tends to be characterised by distributed supply chains, rapid product development, and multiple manufacturing, inventory and planning processes.

ERP in the Electronics & Engineering sector

In many ways Electronics and Engineering is a “traditional” sector from an ERP perspective. ERP grew out of MRP which has always been a core element of hi-tech manufacturing. As supply chains have become more distributed and dynamic however many additional requirements are now supported by ERP in this sector. Some characteristics of ERP requirements in this sector include:

  • Quotation driven sales processes
  • Configure-to-Order driven processes
  • Make-to-Order driven processes
  • Mixed mode manufacturing
  • Project Management & Project Accounting
  • Product/Engineering change management
  • MRP
  • Lean manufacturing
  • Warranty / Repair / Field Service

CRM in the Electronics & Engineering sector

CRM requirements in this sector will depend heavily on whether the organisation operates in a B2C, B2B or mixed environment. B2B CRM requirements are likely to focus on some of the following;

  • Lead-to-Quotation processes. Depending on specific requirements and constraints the hand-off from CRM to ERP may vary.
  • Pipeline Analysis: Using CRM driven opportunity management to feed into forecasting and planning cycles can be complicated by multiple distribution paradigms across target markets.
  • Issue Management: Issue management may range from simple customer interaction recording to links to warranty, field service and support management. Complexities may relate to interactions between CRM and ERP and other supporting systems to facilitate these business processes.

B2C CRM requirements will be heavily dependent on sales and distribution channels. Products that are primarily sold through online channels are likely to have significant requirements for integration to eCommerce processes. In addition emerging CRM capabilities like social analytics are likely to be a feature of B2C CRM requirements.

Lumenia and Electronics & Engineering companies

Lumenia has extensive experience of helping clients in this sector. We have worked on various business systems projects in this sector at various stages of the systems lifecycle.


 “The IFS solution was clearly the best fit for our business. Lumenia's structured approach to the selection project allowed us to clearly differentiate on a like-for-like basis between all the solutions evaluated and the project team were clearly able to see how each system matched our requirements. Lumenia had the experience and the know-how required to guide a company like ours through the selection process and avoid the many potential pitfalls”. 

Philip O’Doherty, Managing Director , E&I Engineering