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ERP and the Cloud: What are your Options?

The world of technology moves at a rapid pace and the ERP market is no exception. One of the major changes seen over the last ten years is a shift from companies hosting and managing their own IT infrastructure to outsourcing in one of its many guises.

While a business looking to invest in a new ERP solution back in 2005 would almost certainly have considered nothing but an on-premises deployment the equivalent scenario in 2018 offers the ERP buyer a range of options: on-premises is still very much an option of course but various cloud-based delivery models are also realistic alternatives.

Willingness to consider cloud solutions as an alternative to the traditional on-premises deployment model has increased over the last number of years. Most deployments are still on-premises but the trend is definitely towards the cloud. 

The wide range of alternatives now available presents a challenge for the modern ERP buyer: what are the options, how should they be evaluated and what are the pros and cons for each?

The Executive Briefing on ERP and the Cloud from Lumenia Consulting addresses these issues and more.