Lumenia provided guidance and insight to th e activities required for a successful ERP implementation. 

Denis Sweeney, ERP Project Manager

Oxitec engaged Lumenia to find a suitable ERP system for our Brazilian production facility. From my experience of Lumenia, I would highly recommend them to lead a similar process to bring systems up to date.

Paul Crotty, Global Finance Director

 We know that the savings in implementation costs and ongoing licence fees, which we have negotiated under Lumenia's stewardship, have covered their cost several times over.

Neil Gribben, Vice President, Accounting & Control

Lumenia’s selection process is rigorous, structured and fair and provided the objectivity and detail to give our senior management team confidence. 

Bronwen White , Head of IT Development

Lumenia met and exceeded my expectations and delivered a very successful review which gained high praise across the group. 

Darrin Shaw, Head of ICT Services

Lumenia came to us with a clear, methodical approach to developing a Business System Strategy. Their consultants were excellent at eliciting information and asking the right questions. 

Donna Lipsky, Director of Operations

First class organisation, first class process, first class people resulting in a first class experience.  

Edward Eagle , Operations Director

The Lumenia process was clear and easy to follow and the approach was very structured. We believe Lumenia helped deliver the right solution for our business. 

Richard Johnson , Finance Director

Our Lumenia consultant engaged with the business on all levels throughout the process, bringing knowledge of, and experience in, the ERP marketplace. 

Stephen Crook, ERP Project Manager

Pep&Co engaged Lumenia to help us to source and implement our entire business systems and IT needs for our start-up retail business. 

Mark Jackson, CFO

The Lumenia Consultant led our selection team diligently through a structured, smooth selection process whilst quickly establishing himself amongst the team and demonstrating a firm understanding of the business. 

Gillian Troup, Group Financial Controller

The Lumenia consultants were of exceptional quality and they were able to mobilise our internal team very effectively and deliver the project on time. They have very good communication skills and a can-do attitude.

Donal Tierney, CFO

Lumenia delivered a comprehensive and very clear roadmap in a timely and professional manner.

John D'Arcy, CFO

The Lumenia consultants were of exceptional quality and they were able to mobilise our internal team very effectively and deliver the project on time. 

Mary Condon, Finance Director

We chose Lumenia as our support partner for choosing an ERP system and now that the selection process is over I can reflect on what a truly fantastic choice that was.

Robin Hilton, Finance Director

The Lumenia team were very quickly able to understand the complex software application landscape in St. James’s Place, and developed easy to follow options in terms of future strategy.

Iain Balchin, Executive Director of Finance

Selecting Lumenia to guide us through the critical vendor selection process eliminated many obstacles and propelled us rapidly from selection to implementation.

Ian Wilkinson, Operations Manager

Glanbia engaged Lumenia to project manage the implementation of key technology across our distribution network. Lumenia's committed, direct and results focused approach certainly added value to our operations.


Lorcan Rossi, Financial Director

The business process review with Lumenia has really given WD-40 the opportunity to think in different ways.

Jonathan McCoy, General Manager - IT

As a fast-moving business we had lots of challenges to deal with along the way, but having an experienced external project manager to guide us was a major factor in making the project a success.

Brídín Quinn, Business Excellence Manager

The structure and process Lumenia gave us became a reference point for our team throughout the project.

Joe Smith, Group IS & Service Delivery Manager

Lumenia’s ERP selection process provided us with an excellent framework for assessing how well the various solutions on the market met our requirements.

Robbie Grogan, Group Finance Director

Lumenia's project management expertise helped us successfully deploy our corporate ERP and POS systems to our latest retail acquisition. 

John O'Carroll, General Manager - Retail

Lumenia delivered a business systems strategy review and they are now project managing the design and implementation phases. I would have no hesitation recommending Lumenia as an independent partner.

Louise McElligott, Finance Director

Lumenia provided invaluable independence and experience at each stage of our selection process. This helped us structure the implementation project to have the best opportunity for success.

Deborah Kelly, Business Manager & ERP Project Manager

Lumenia were able to provide the leadership, support and proven structures we needed and while they have a clear approach, they were flexible enough to adapt to our needs without compromising on the outcome.

Sinead McCarthy, Finance Director

Our experience has been that the Lumenia consultants have extensive knowledge of system requirements and best practice; they have worked well with the various members of the project teams.

Seamus Kearney, Managing Director

By using Lumenia, we are happy that we adopted best practice and we are very confident that we have selected the best system for our business. Lumenia provided an excellent service overall.

Michael Collins, CFO

The system selection process was comprehensive, practical and focused, and Lumenia’s ERP expertise and methodologies are unparalleled.

Conor Crowe, Engineering Manager

Lumenia provided an excellent consultant, a strong methodology, and broad experience coming through from their extensive network. 

Andrew Borthwick, IT Manager

Our ERP upgrade project was very successful, being delivered on-time and on-budget, and the knowledge and experience gained by the project team will help us greatly with future ERP projects.

Tara Canning, Systems Accountant

Lumenia’s work on our system selection project was exceptionally thorough and detailed. The selection process involved people from across the business and provided us with a structure to work within.

Richard Steele, Finance Director

We are confident that as a result of working with Lumenia we have chosen a new ERP system that offers the best fit for Brunel’s future business needs and would highly recommend the Lumenia approach. 

David Jenkinson, ERP Project Manager

The Lumenia team maintained their independence while demonstrating a strong knowledge of our industry specific requirements and best practices; their experience was invaluable to PEI.

Brian Meaney, Financial Director

Lumenia have deep ERP knowledge and provided structure, objectivity and clarity of thought to help us to arrive at the right decision. Highly recommended.

Graham Wright, Systems Manager

Lumenia have successfully led the validation activities on our ERP SAP system, QUMAS Document Management system, as well as the qualification of our IT Infrastructure.

Patsy Carney, Managing Director

The Lumenia team demonstrated a strong sense of partnership, professionalism and hands-on experience throughout the whole process. I consider this project to be one of the most successful we have completed.

Artur Grigoryan, CEO

With Lumenia's assistance we were able to understand how to deliver our complex programme of technology projects more effectively. 

Joe O'Donovan, CFO

Lumenia helped us to formulate our ERP strategy by developing a very clear roadmap, which laid out how we needed to evolve our business systems over a number of phases. 

John Cadell, Managing Director

Lumenia supported Aptuit throughout the roll out by providing project management, data migration and computer systems validation services. Your approach was pragmatic, focused and creative.

Darren Bradshaw, Director, Business Systems

As a fast-moving business we had lots of challenges to deal with along the way, but having an experienced external project manager to guide us was a major factor in making the project a success.

Eoghan Sweeney, General Manager

Lumenia's approach was extremely professional and hands-on when we decided to look at replacing our existing systems, from business case preparation through to documenting our requirements, system demonstrations and choosing a preferred vendor. 

David Kelly, Head of Finance

Lumenia's selection methodology made a lot of sense, and helped us to focus on our requirements throughout the process. The tender process allowed us to see clearly which systems best matched our requirements. 

Mary Farrell, Head of Finance

BHT are very happy with the ERP knowledge and project management skills provided by Lumenia, and we would have no hesitation recommending them to other companies.

Shaun McBride, CFO