Preparing your Business Processes for ERP

This Lumenia  Consulting white paper sets out the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ of preparing your business processes for a successful ERP project. 

It clarifies the meaning and importance of ‘to-be’ processes mapping and provides valuable tips and advice for tackling it effectively.

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Lumenia Preparing your Business Processes for ERP White Paper
Preparing your Business Processes for ERP Lumenia White Paper
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Preparing your Business Processes for ERP White Paper

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We believe that having well-defined, streamlined and standardised business processes is as important to overall business efficiency as the organisation’s supporting systems. 

If you’re considering an ERP implementation, this white paper will encourage you to undertake process design up-front, before selecting and on-boarding an ERP supplier.

It will also help you to maximise benefits realisation from your new ERP solution by ensuring you focus on achieving consistent and streamlined processes from the outset.

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