ERP and the Cloud Report

ERP and the Cloud - What are your Options? This free Lumenia report sets out clear options for ERP deployment and delivers rich insights into the pros and cons of each option. 

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ERP and the Cloud White Paper
Lumenia ERP and the Cloud Report
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Lumenia ERP and the Cloud Report

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The world of technology moves at a rapid pace and the ERP market is no exception. One of the major changes seen over recent years is a shift from organisations hosting and managing their own IT infrastructure to outsourcing in one of its many guises.

Willingness to consider Cloud solutions as an alternative to the traditional on-premises deployment model has increased dramatically over the last number of years. The wide range of alternatives presents a challenge for the modern ERP buyer.

Download this latest report from Lumenia Consulting, 'ERP and the Cloud' and find out what are the available options, how should they be evaluated and what are the pros and cons of each.

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