Accelerate your Business Process Design

Reduce Business Process Design time and effort in ERP and Digital Transformation Projects.

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Accelerate your Business Process Design White Paper
Accelerate your Business Process Design - Lumenia White Paper
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White Paper Features
 An alternative to traditional business process design
Discover how a well designed change management process will deliver very clear and tangible benefits
Save your organisation time and money
Find out what business change management really means for ERP projects
Process design techniques
Review how business change complexity is affected by choice of post-ERP solutions

Business process design is a key component of most ERP and digital transformation projects

Rather than spend a lot of time and effort documenting processes that are going to change anyway, or on collecting and analysing large amounts of data, our approach is based on the reality that many business processes are largely similar across many organisations and therefore do not all need to be re-designed from first principles in many ERP or Digital Transformation projects. Also, in most organisations, the business process owners and operators know what many of the main issues are with their processes.

Significant progress on future state process design can be made quickly using this knowledge and sample good practice process flows, supplemented with real-life examples of how technology can be used to provide automation, control, and access to data for decision making.

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Business process design is a key component of most ERP and digital transformation projects
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